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    (09:30:18) +Inumuta Houka: Anywho, later! (09:30:21) Eren: Later (09:30:22) ~~~ Inumuta Houka was driven to sheer madness by their unrequited love for the person above them, and took their own life ~~~ (09:30:34) Eren: LOL (09:30:35) +Kirito: Oh hell no. xD (09:30:42) Eren: I always knew you loved me (09:30:53) +Kirito: I'm sorry Eren-senpai, but my heart belongs to Steak-Sama. (09:30:57) Eren: You know where that's going (09:31:04) +Kirito: To my arteries? (09:31:14) Eren: Sure we'll go with that
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    Please excuse our gross unfocused faces. This is from when Aizen805 and I went out to Disneyland for a date last week.
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