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  • Episode 18: Void-kissed, now available!


    It's been a clean cycle and a clean test. And we are on the home stretch now. Please enjoy~




    Below is the list of notable changes, and as always, field changes will be in the readme~


    • USUM Content has been added.
    • The AI overhaul has been completed, with some rare details missing.
    • Two new window/menu skins have been added.
    • Gen 7 Pokemon that can learn TMX moves through other means may now also learn those moves through the TMX.
    • USUM Move Tutors have been added.
    • Eggs may now be picked up even when the party is full.
    • Pokemon may be sent directly from the party to the PC when a new Pokemon is caught, as in SuMo
    • In accordance with canon games, the arbitrary 10% stat boost awarded by completing gyms has been removed
    • Pokemon can no longer begin disobeying due to over-levelling during a battle
    • Headbutt Tree encounter chances have been increased and standardized.
    • The Pokemon Psychiatrist has been updated. His service now costs three Heart Scales but the Nature can be chosen.
    • Follower movement has been updated.
    • Online Play has been updated to account for Mega evolution and Z-moves properly.
    • Budew has been removed from the game.


    Returning players, please note~~

    • :xmark: - In order to enable Rock Climb from an existing save file, players should head to the multi-pool area of Amaria's gym. Stepping in and out will be enough to fix it!
      • It is normal that you don't have the TMX yet; don't worry.
    • :check: - In order to begin E18's story, you will need to head to Calcenon City~



    To get your copy, please proceed to the Download Page

    It is best for all players to please update as soon as possible, especially since we've also fixed the Mega and Z-move implementations for online battles now!

    Finally, please remember that Spoiler Lock will be in effect until 9/9 all the same. Please keep the forums clean for users who may not have played yet.


    Have fun! And try not to fall asleep!

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    @Amethystwas the update meant to block aventurine till u did another quest because I can't get in there no matter what removed my mods did most if not all the quests and gone to every area no luck

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