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    • Oh yes! Another opportunity for Reborn to be highlighted! Lovely! Well, I would be glad to respond to your survey 🙂   What led you to Pokemon Reborn? I first played Pokemon Emerald Plus in June 2017, a rom hack of Pokemon Emerald. After I defeated the Elite Four, I accidentally messed up with the data files of the game, so I looked through the Internet for another fangame afterwards. My searches led me to TheTopTens, and Reborn was in the list of best fanmade Pokemon games. Although it wasn't ranked very high at this time, I remember it having very supportive comments, and I then went to the forum Reborn Evolved where I found myself in bliss in front of the screenshots. I ended up downloading the game and played it late at night. And honestly, that was by far one of the most memorable gaming experience to me. What do you think about the battle system in the game? The development and the creation of brand new field effects brings a fresh breeze that was lacking in the canon games to make fights more realistic depending on the place you're fighting in. This also adds more difficulty to most of the battles, but not to the point of making Reborn a rage game, which is kind of appreciable. And I didn't mention the fact that you have to defeat the Gym Leaders as they always fight with teams made of six Pokemon each, which forces you to think and re-think your strategies, let alone the fact that Reborn incites you to respect a level cap that will play a lot in your disfavor if you're the type of person who relates to only one high-level Pokemon to finish the game. All in all, Pokemon Reborn's battling system is clearly made for those who grew up during the halcyon days of the franchise as well as for those who'd love to test their skills in a more challenging context. The online battling system is also a nice touch for the community aspect in my opinion. What do you think about the stories/narrative in the game? Just like Candy, I, too, am working on a narrative playthrough of Reborn which turned into something of a fanfiction. Overall, the story is very well written and everything hangs together without any contradiction or misinterpretation, which must not always be an easy task for Amethyst and her team to handle since Reborn has a very large range of characters with different personalities and their own atypical background. One of the most attractive aspects of Reborn is also the dark atmosphere that comes from it. The city itself reminded me a lot of a Pokemon version of Gotham City with its high rate of delinquency and polluted environment, which brings some sort of oppressive atmosphere that weighs a lot on us. But not just that. In Reborn, there are Pokemon tortured by humans, and humans tortured by Pokemon. Team Meteor, the evil organization that recently brought insecurity in town, represents everything that is wrong with this region. Between unbeatable opponents, rogue characters, child abductions and cold-blood killings, I realized quickly that Reborn villains were more awful than any villain of any Pokemon region. But as the story unfolds, my perspective changed concerning some of them, especially Taka, the son of Team Meteor's founder who does not appear to consider himself as a full member of this organization. Apart from that, your decisions and the way you're performing during important battles can affect the opinion of many NPCs about you, as well as the game itself. As a result, you'll love some, you'll hate some, and they will return it to you depending on your actions. Storywise, this helps to make things more vibrant and less predictable than in canon games where Gym Leaders are more of secondary elements than anything else. While I'm at it, I would like to add that the narrative is more similar to what happens in the manga, Pokemon Adventures, than what happens in traditional games or anime. All this to say, Reborn better suits a more mature audience than the one of its canon sisters in my high opinion. In particular, what do you think about the queer characters in the game, like Cain and Adrienn?  Cain being queer doesn't bother me at all. I like him just as I like my other rival Victoria. At least, he has nothing to do with Fern, the so-called "top dog" who can't stop bragging in the streets of Reborn all day long. As opposed to him, Cain is more easy-going and is one of the only characters able to break Reborn's incessant monotony by his only presence. His unforeseen sexual allusions often tend to amuse me, and I'm used to his atypical way to be. By the way, I first thought he was a girl the first time we met, then I realized my mistake. But that's not important, I like him anyway. As for Adrienn, the Fairy Type Gym Leader of Reborn, I respect xis devotion for having fixed the whole city. Xe also claims that xe won't ever stand for those who treat Pokemon badly, which makes Adrienn an appreciable character, I guess. Everything indicates that Adrienn has a goodwill that is abnormally uncommon for a citizen of Reborn, as well as a great sense of responsibility. So, all in all, xe shows all the signs of a positive character who urges us to put forward the best of ourselves. However, I tend to feel iffy vibes from Adrienn, simply because people in town admire this person to the point of almost idolize xem once the restoration of Reborn done. People who are that good could well have something secret to hide. But otherwise, I appreciate the result of xyr's doing.  
    • I snithched on Flora in that chapter, but still havent had that scene  
    • Could you update Sardonyx? It's on 2.7 now
    • When i launch my game i get a pop up saying Script pokemonfield line 1655 nomethoderro occured how to fix pls help
    • You think the MC is born somewhere else than Aevium? Because I think that Arceus has a ring around it's body and four crosses on it so Melia, Erin, Allen and Alice are the four people from the Archetype. Four people four crosses.
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