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Predict the Next Person to Post

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i am an alpha but i think you are referring to the wrong person ! I predict SUMMER!

It's the little green button with an arrow on it next to my post. Jerry, pls. I'm not thirsty, I swear.


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Nope it's me.


Maybe Dark Champion is next?

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Ayyyyy, its the guy with the firestarters! Of course I remember you! Your prediction is still wrong tho


Dark Champion is next

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I saw the last posts, it feels very heartwarming to be desired like this! Thank you!

I bet my 2₽ Crystalrage will come next!

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Nevermind, I'll just take back my money!

Evi, are you around? (No coins on the table this time 💸)

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Nope it's a me, Candy :3 but it would've been nice to get me a lopunny uwu

Baumina is u?

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