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Predict the Next Person to Post

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It's the little green button with an arrow on it next to my post. Jerry, pls. I'm not thirsty, I swear.

i am an alpha but i think you are referring to the wrong person ! I predict SUMMER!


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I feel like I'm bound to this forum again progressively as time passes. I missed it so much!

Return to sender, are you still here Silver?

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Yes i heard your calls right now, sorry seems like timezones interfere with the signal now


Could be the next one is... Evi Crystal? 

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Q-Jei: Hi! I hope everything goes well on your end.

???: Hey! What’s going on here?

Q-Jei: Wait! Candy? Is that you?


(Sorry, I tend to miss this kind of narrative these days.)

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Narrator: But when Silver looked around, the hot-headed trainer was nowhere to be found


But in the shadows Silver found a mischievious Zorua performing an ancient and sinister ritual to summon the mighty god of the void called "Display Name"

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