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Current Team for the End


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Hey all! Everyone’s getting ready for E19 and everyone is trying out various teams for the grand finale. This is my team as of beating Hardy:


Gallade: Galladite

Leaf Blade

Night Slash

Brick Break

Psycho Cut

- Jolly Nature

252 ATK & SPD



Garchomp: Garchompite

Poison Jab

Dragon Claw


Stone Edge

- Jolly Nature

252 ATK & SPD

Sand Veil


Milotic: Leftovers

Dragon Pulse

Ice Beam



- Timid Nature

252 SATK & SPD

Marvel Scale


Aegislash: Life Orb

Iron Head

Shadow Sneak

King’s Shield

Sacred Sword

- Adamant Nature

252 HP & ATK

Stance Change


Mimikyu: Mimikium-Z

Shadow Claw

Leech Life

Play Rough

Destiny Bond

- Jolly Nature

252 ATK & SPD



Volcarona: Rocky Helmet


Bug Buzz

Fiery Dance

Quiver Dance

- Modest Nature

252 SATK & SPD

Flame Body


I’ve tested this team out on several of the current late game trainers and was able to beat all of them, though I’m considering swapping out shadow sneak for swords dance and also giving swords dance to Garchomp. I swap out the two megas depending on what I’m facing.


Either/or, that’s my lineup for the climax. Feedback would be appreciated.

Take care everyone and stay hyped!

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Some things I would change-
- Drain Punch over Brick Break on Gallade
- Life Orb or Expert Belt over Garchompite (Factually better) on Garchomp
- Shadow Sneak over Leech Life on Mimikyu
- Recover over Dragon Pulse on Milotic (If not using items) Scald over Surf on Milotic

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