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Deleted my save

Tiger Eye

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Hey guys. Around a year ago I was sorting out all the files and folders on my PC and I accidentally deleted my save file for Pokemon Reborn. I'm asking if someone would share a completed/mostly completed save file with me? I know I'd completed Hardy's gym. I don't have proof that I already played through the whole game up to Hardy's gym but I remember things like Blake says the phrase "A few choice hunnies" (major lol when I read this, one of my faves) and that the lady inside Madame Meganium's (love MM and I can't wait to battle her in the upcoming nightclub; I've always loved the Battle Factory and now it will be in PR! Over 1600 sets no less!!) shop has so many technical questions about how MM operates, being a pokemon of course. Or how one of the 15 civil workers (in the shelter) who you need to enlist for Adrienn says "We built this city! Our handprints are in the very stone foundations!" or a statement along those lines.

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