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Custom shiny sprites


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9 hours ago, Z64 said:

cool color schemes! i like how you gave them more dull/neutral tones, since you don't see that too often with shinies but they look really good. i think crobat and nidoqueen are my favorites here, but that subtle color shift on zoroark is pretty cool too

Thank you - I like subtler colors way more honestly. Sadly, just noticed how quite a few of them are a bit messed up - used a tool to make the white around them all transparent without realizing they got white in the actual sprite. I'll have to fix them sooner or later.

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2 hours ago, Saraphimwolf said:

Ohhh I do like a lot of em. Any grass type siny that gives it an autumn pallet is an A+ in my book lol.

Thank you! I love autumn colors a lot honestly. 


Here's a couple more I forgot to upload :)











Edit - Not taking credit for the axe-tail, found it on another sprite and I had to use it too.

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8 hours ago, Dark Eclipse said:

Hey can you create the pre-evolved forms of the shinies you made? you dont have to, just a request.

Hello - Sorry, but I'd rather be honest than let you get your hopes up, I will not - They're not gonna be of any use to me personally as I don't care for them if they're temporary.


And it's not like they share the same color scheme with their final form most of the time - I'd have to mix and match colors a lot, also there's too many of them to begin with.


But if you'd like one or two fully evolved forms in particular you can leave a suggestion - I'm just doing them for fun and 'cause I enjoy personalizing things. :)

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