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The battle system is glitchy...

Ariella Hale

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So a few hours ago, i had beaten florinia's gym and saved my game twice so that i won't have to do that gym again. so a few minutes ago i was going back to peridot ward when i got a random encounter and the whole text was glitchy and i couldn't see any pokemon's hp bar


edit: i checked all the files, somehow all of them have the same problem



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On 10/16/2021 at 12:55 AM, Ariella Hale said:

can someone please check my savefile in you game to see if it is actually just my device's problem or if it is a bug? 

Do forgive me if this problem is listed elsewhere.

I've tried to delete the game and re-download it but for some reason I can't even delete the game 

Game.rxdata 102.38 kB · 1 download

try deleteing lastsave.dat then

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