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Your starter with the power of Black Shards [SPOILER]


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HI (again !? - Yes and for ever) !

This time I checked the Wiki of Pokémon Rejuvenation and I saw the stats of Delpha. I know she's not meant to be used, but she became so powerful thanks to the experiments with Black Shards, and we, The Interceptor, is linked to the Black Shards with the Obelisk near of Sashila Village. 
So, in term of lore, one of our Pokémon would be filled by our power and the power of Black Shards, and it would be our starter. Only the starter we choose at the beggining would be able to 'evolve' just before the last battle against Madame X or the final bad Boss of the game. 

With the information I found about Delpha, I choose some rules to respect :

- the Pokémon will have a total of 706 of Base Stats

- the Pokémon will learn 2 exclusive moves : one will be a Legendary move, and one regular move. (Depha knows Blue Flare and Dark Pulse)

- the Pokémon will have a new Ability (for example Delpha has Adaptability)

- the Pokémon won't be able to mega evolve indeed

- If the Pokémon have a single type, you can chose a second type, but it needs to be able to learn an offensive Stab ( For example Swampert couldn't be a Ghost Type because it only has Curse and HP Ghost)


Then, I choose MY starter, my beloved starter is... Feraligatr !


Feraligatr is known as a fierce Pokémon, so I made a very offensive set based on Punch.



So this form will be a bit more muscular and fierce like this one (but a little more muscular but faster than this form of Insurgence) :

160_1.png.2b8cfad4dd6f8b9712004c19a8b4f0a7.pngThe picture from DrWhiger made me to think to Jojo and Pillar Men and a bit Star Platinum (Fierce Warrior) ^^

So let's go for the set ! 



First of all, I will present its stats, Type, and Ability :

HP : 100

Atk : 160

Def : 100

SpA : 125

SpD : 90

Spe : 131


Ability : No Guard


Type : Water / Fighting

In its regular form, Feraligatr is vulnerable against special moves, and I wanted it "still" be its weakness being its worst stat. Moreover, Feraligatr knows a lot of Fighting Type moves, such as Superpower, Focus Blast, Focus Punch or Power Up Punch. 

In the Pokedex, it was said it's very fast, and it already knows a lot of Punch moves. 



Now its sets !

The First One


Feraligatr  @ Fightnium Z or Icium Z
Ability: Torrent  
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe  
Jolly Nature  
- Surging Strikes  
- Dynamic Punch  
- Ice Hammer  
- Dragon Dance


This set uses the 2 moves I choose : Surging Strikes and Ice Hammer. It's fast and strong and pretty bulky as it should be. But in the Pokedex it was said it's clumsy. In my opinion it sometimes prefers power over speed which explains why I choose Ice Hammer. It's like a Dark Souls Boss : its attacks are fierce, but it has a flaw after it finish its combo with Ice Hammer. 

Nonetheless, it's possible to make it to be a Mixed All Out Attacker with its good stats in Special Attack ^^


Feraligatr  @ Life Orb / Z Move / Choice Scarf ? / ....
Ability: Torrent  
EVs: 176 Atk / 80 SpA / 252 Spe  (It's possible to change the spread ^-^ )
Naive Nature  
- Surging Strikes  
- Focus Blast  
- Blizzard  
- Iron Tail / Hydro Pump / Rock Slide 


With No Guard, it can use some powerful moves as Focus Blast, Iron Tail or Blizzard without missing (I fear this kind of moves 🥵) but I think it's less good to use Dragon Danse with special moves (you can use Agility if you want). 


Ahhh, 😗 I love creating new forms and evolution, I swear ! I don't if you love reading this kind of posts, but Pokémon Rejuvenation made my brain in fire ! Combined with my Jojo and music vibes I'm getting so many ideas ^-^


And after all of this, maybe the Blackeory Family found the way of the Archetype ? The way searched by the Garufan ? 🤫

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An interesting concept, considering how little we know about the Black Shards and how strong they could be. 

Technically, my starter is Mudkip, but I happen to like Torterra a bit better.

Not aiming for anything here, just trying to make additions that make sense.

HP: 133 (+38) / Atk: 142 (+33) / Def: 143 (+38) / SpA: 105 (+30) / SpD: 127 (+42) / Spe: 56 (+0) / BST: 706 (+181)

Ability: None -> Solid Rock

New Moves: Thousand Arrows, Shore Up

Due to the precedent set by the Light Ball and Thick Club, this new form of Torterra can legally use the Torterra Crest, which dramatically improves its defensive profile. With Solid Rock nerfing its two weaknesses, excellent coverage with Rock Slide and Thousand Arrows, fantastic 133 / 143 / 127 bulk, and reliable recovery in Shore Up, Black Shard Torterra is primed to be an absolute beast of a tank. 

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You know, Blastoise learnt Shell Smash when it became available in 8G. So, it can be cool if Torterra learns Shell Smash too. With Sticky Web + T-Wave / Glare, Torterra could be a deadly cleaner. 
And how do you see this new form of Torterra ? Heavier ? More massive ? 

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Sounds fun. My favorite starter is Greninja(even if its not the one i picked as a starter in rejuv) so I will use it.
(Defense will stay the same to give it a weakness to physical attacks)
Ability: Ilusion could be a pretty fun ability and I think it fits Greninja because you know stealth, but drizzle works as well here (Honestly Protean is already perfect for Greninja but I will change it anyways) 
New Moves: Spectral Thief, Close Combat

I came up with a couple of sets

Emergency Sweep Stopper
Greninja @ Focus Sash  
Ability: Illusion
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spe  
Adamant Nature  
- Spectral Thief  
- Close Combat  
- Waterfall  
- Ice Punch/Quick Attack
This set is designed to take a hit with sash and steal all their boosts

All-Out Physical Attacker
Greninja @ Life Orb/Choice Band/Whatever Z-Crystal you need to muscle through some mons  
Ability: Ilusion  
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe  
Adamant/Jolly Nature  
- Waterfall  
- Night Slash/U-Turn  
- Gunk Shot  
- Close Combat/Rock Slide/Ice Punch

All-Out Special Attacker
Greninja @ Life Orb/Choice Specs/Whatever Z-Crystal you need  
Ability: Ilusion  
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe  
Modest/Timid Nature  
- Surf/Hydro Pump  
- Dark Pulse  
- Ice Beam  
- Grass Knot/Extrasensory/Water Shuriken

Mixed Attacker
Greninja @ Life Orb/Whatever Z-Crystal you need  
Ability: Ilusion  
EVs: 80 Atk / 176 SpA / 252 Spe (Just a random spread) 
Hasty Nature  
- Surf/Hydro Pump  
- Dark Pulse/Ice Beam  
- Gunk Shot  
- Close Combat

Edited by Z..
Added extra items and fixed ability
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I came up with this! I've never had a Meganium as my starter - but it's often seen as one of the worst starters, I think. So I decided to see if I could improve that!

Note - I sort of broke the rules a little here, by giving Meganium a unique ability and two normal pokemon moves instead of a Legendary move and a normal move... but I think this Meganium would be a force to be reckoned with. (Also, a lot of Meganium's coverage moves are Physical - Stomping Tantrum, Outrage, Fury Cutter - and apparently, Swords Dance and Curse too (Also, I couldn't find any legendary pokemon-only moves that seemed to fit Meganium better than the two moves I gave it instead, at least for what I had in mind. I was originally going to take a page from Insurgence and go for a Grass/Fairy type, but it turned into a Grass/Dragon instead. I hope you approve, P.Kiko).

Type: Grass/Dragon
Ability: Bewitching Aura (Renders Meganium and all teammates immune to status conditions, grants Fairy STAB and resistances).

HP: 120 (+40)
Attack: 136 (+54)
Defense: 140 (+40)
Special Attack: 90 (+7)
Special Defense: 140 (+40)
Speed: 80 (+0)


Moves Learned: Play Rough, Clangorous Soul.


Defensive Set:
EVs: 252 HP, 252 Special Defense, 4 Defense

Item: Meganium Crest
Clangorous Soul
Leech Seed/Nature Power


Offensive Set:

Item: Meganium Crest/Life Orb

EVs: 252 HP, 252 Attack, 4 Special Attack
Play Rough
Seed Bomb/Nature Power
Clangorous Soul

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Here's one I came up with after thinking about how badly Typhlosion's been screwed over in terms of buffs in canon games:


Type: Fire / Ground
Black Shard Ability: Rock Head
Base Stats:

HP - 78

Attack - 144 [+60]

Defense - 120 [+42]

Special Attack - 130 [+21]

Special Defense - 95 [+10]

Speed - 139 [+30]


Legendary Move: Precipice Blades
Normal Move: Head Smash


As for a set:


Hold Item: Life Orb / Flame Plate

EVs: 252 Attack / 4 Defense / 252 Speed

Jolly Nature

~ Flare Blitz

~ Precipice Blades

~ Head Smash

~ Slash and Burn


(Went the physical route with Typhlosion because I always felt like it was meant to be a physical Pokemon, but then they realized that all Fire moves were special before Gen 4)

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I love this Ghost type so i will pick Decidueye for this 

Type: Grass/Ghost (as normal)
Black Shard Ability : Technician
Base stat:
Hp: 78 + 31 = 109
Attack :  107+38=145
Def: 75 + 30 = 105
Sp.Atk: 100
Legendary move: Spectral Thief
Normal move: Dual Wingbeat
Item: Life orb / Decidium Z
Ev: 252 Atk, 252 Speed, 4 Def
Nature :Jolly
Spectral Thief
Dual Wingbeat
Spirit Shackle
Leaf Blade

As Decidueye is slow with 70 base speed i see that it could use a higher base speed and i went with Technician just to power up Dual wingbeat and possible Shadow sneak if replace Spirit Shackle but since it a signature move and can use Decidium Z with it i kept Spirit shackle

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Type: Grass/Electric
Ability: Electric Surge


Stats: 706 Total
HP: 90 (+20 HP)
Attack: 120 (+35 Attack)
Defense: 98 (+33 Defense)
Special Attack: 150 (+45 Special Attack)
Special Defense: 98 (+13 Special Defense)
Speed: 150 (+30 Speed)


Moves Learned: Bolt Strike, Flash Cannon


Mixed Attacker:
Item: Elemental Seed/White Herb
EVs: 252 Attack, 252 Special Attack/Speed, 4 Speed/Special Attack
Bolt Strike
Flash Cannon
Rock Slide
Leaf Storm


(It's an odd set, but Sceptile's Lightning Rod ability for its Mega Evolution and its appearance (those bulbs on its back) made me think of - well, a battery, so I wondered what it would look like if we took this route).

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A fellow Sceptile appreciator, I see~



Type: Grass/Bug

Ability: Tinted Lens



HP: 100 (+30)

Attack: 170 (+85)

Defense: 110 (+45)

Sp. Atk: 75 (-30)

Sp. Def: 100 (+15)

Speed: 151 (+31)


Special Moves

Regular: Leech Life

Legendary: Jungle Healing



Item: Big Root/Focus Sash

EVs: 252 HP, 252 Attack, 4 Defense

Moves: Leaf Blade, Leech Life, Swords Dance, Rock Slide


And we have Physical Sceptile, the Leaf Blade warrior he was always meant to be~! Kinda balanced with how you have arguably the worst typing ever but you outspeed most 'mons and could definitely demolish people in one hit… Chose Jungle Healing as the signature since Pokémon's awfully lacking in bug-type legendaries and Seed Flare is a special move *shrug*

Now imagine havin' a 'mon with Tailwind and Soak as support…

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Since Delphox is kind of already taken, lets do Blaziken.



Type: Fire/Fighting

Ability:  Multiple ideas

            1. Moxie (leaning towards this)

            2. A combination between Moxie and Speed Boost (functions similarly to Calyrex's As One)

            3. Pure power (Possibly broken)



HP: 80 (+0)

ATK: 185 (+65)

DEF: 50 (-20)

SPATK: 166 (+56)

SPDEF: 50 (-20)

SPD: 175 (+95)



LEGENDARY: Sacred Fire or V-Create (Sacred Fire is solid damage with no drawback and V-Create is massive damage but lowers speed and defences, leaning towards V-Create)
STANDARD: Close Combat (Because why not?)


Completely doubling down on being a very fast glass cannon. Now takes hits as well as a Grimer. But having attacks stats so unreasonably high well than makes up for it. 

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I have Charizard as my trusted partner, due to Charmander being my first starter ever, so...let's try.


I got two ideas for a B.S. Charizard:


1. Special Attacker-Charizard


Possible abilities: Dragon's Maw (Regidrago's ability which boost Dragon Type moves), Stamina or Sturdy


EV: put in Special Attack and Speed


Nature: Modest or Timid




Heat Wave / Eruption (Special Move)


Air Slash / Hurricane

Dragon Energy (Legendary Special Move)


2. Physical Attacker Charizard


Possible abilities: Tough Claws, Flash Fire


EV: put in Attack and Speed


Nature: Adamant or Jolly




Flare Blitz / Fire Punch

Dragon Ascent (Legendary Special Move)

Thunder Punch / Brave Bird




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I'll go for Infernape, @P.Kiko.



Type : Fire/Fighting

Ability : Contrary


Stats :

HP : 76

Attack : 104 -> 180

Defense : 71 -> 100

Sp. Attack : 104 -> 80

Sp. Defense : 71 -> 100

Speed : 108 -> 170

Total : 534 -> 706


Moves :

Legendary : V-Create (It has negative effect but Contrary makes it the most dangerous of any moves).

Regular : Ice Hammer (This move not only that counters many Ground, Dragon and Flying types but can raise its Speed instead of lowering, thanks to Contrary).


Kinda it makes Infernape one of the most broken starters very much.

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Not my favorite starter, but I feel like it's really easy to forget about and could use some changes, so here some quick ideas on an upgrade

First up:

Type: Grass/Rock     (since has access to rollout)

Ability: either Solid Rock or Rock Head 



HP: 88 --> 132

ATK: 107 --> 150

DEF: 122 --> 210

SP.ATK: 74 --> 74

SP.DEF: 75 --> 100

SPD: 64 --> 40


New Moves:

Stone Edge/Head Smash

uhhhhh Seed Flare?  (seriously, is this the only grass or rock legendary move?)



A rockier exterior with two large shields on it's arms that create sort of a segmented armor that looks more like a chestnut shell


I know it already has a second type, but I really believe Chesnaught's biggest flaw is that it's typing is absolutely terrible for a defensive Pokémon


2nd Idea:


Type: Grass/Fighting

Ability: Thick Fat (or a custom equivalent that has more flavor / makes more sense)

Stats: same spread as above but swap SP.DEF with ATK and SP.ATK with HP to allow for greater use of Special moves


New Moves:

Calm Mind

Giga Drain / Focus Blast  (So they aren't just TM or tutor moves)

Seed Flare



A generally older look, with more desaturated colors and a bit of grey. The spikes on it's shell would also look more like twisting branches of ironwood


These ideas aren't focused on making them super viable, but rather to make them more interesting. Calm Mind helps make a special set and fits the idea of an older, wiser Chesnaught, while Giga Drain acts as a source of both damage and healing. Thick Fat exists here entirely because having so many weaknesses on a Pokémon is just awful, and a 4 times weakness on top of that is horrid. I suppose a secondary steel type could also be good so it gets access to something like Double Iron Bash or Sunsteel Strike but it doesn't get any steel type moves so there's no way to justify it.

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