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Starter Obtainability (When - Earliest-Latest)


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How (Credits to @MhicKy!)



Charmander - Carotos Mountain, requires Magma Drift, Strength, Rock Smash, Blast Powder and Shards for Trade.

Squirtle - Aquamarine Chamber in Aquamarine Cave, same place were Saki was attacked by Sharpedos, requires Surf and Gourmet Treats.

Bulbasaur - Reward upon completion of "Bandits at Large" at the Kakori Village Help Plaza.



Cindaquill - Carotos Mountain, requires Magma Drift and Rock Smash.

Totodille - Chrisola Hotel Pool at night, requires Surf and Gourmet Treats.

Chikorita - Route 2 in a trade with a woman sitting on a bench with a Meganium, requires at least 4 badges and a Spinda for the trade.



Torchic - Only as a starter.

Mudkip - Sheridan Badlands, requires Surf, Rock Smash, Strength, Rock Climb and Railnet Key.

Treecko - Sheridan Village, requires Surf.



Chimchar - Only as a starter.

Piplup - Evergreen Forest, requires Anju's Pendant and Surf.

Turtwig - Reward for completing all Help Requests in West Gaeren.



Tepig - Valor Mountain, requires Angry Mood and 5 Gourmet Treats.

Oshawott - Azure Shore, reward for completing the Samurott's lost child quest.

Snivy - Only as a starter.



Fennekin - Kakori Village, first house to the right, requires Braixen's Wand.

Froakie - Reward for completing the Akuma Town's Aquarium Quest, requires Surf, Dive, Old Rod, Good Rod and Super Rod.

Chespin - Given by Cairo at hist house in Route 4, requires EXACTLY 10.000 Red Essence.



Litten - Gaeren Bridge Junction, requires Dull Key, Strength, Rock Smash and Gourmet Treat.

Popplio - Reward upon defeating Neptune, one of the Culvier Sisters, at Route 6, requires Surf and Dive.

Rowlett - Tylaric Falls, require completion of the Help Request "Building Bridges" and Gourmet Treat.



Scorbunny - Only as a starter.

Sobble - Route 4, requires at least 14 badges and Surf.

Grookey - Only as a starter.


Earliest to Latest


Chespin|Chikorita > Treecko|Piplup|Totodile > Rowlet|Bulbasaur > Mudkip > Cyndaquil|Tepig (accidentally unobtainable) > Turtwig > Oshawott > Litten|Charmander|Froakie (technically) > Squirtle|Sobble|Popplio > Fennekin


Accidentally Unobtainable: Tepig
Unobtainable: Grookey, Scorbunny, Snivy, Torchic, Chimchar


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