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Idea for A-Arcanine


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Hi everyone !

Since Aevium forms are created and available in the game, I started thinking about other forms with Events. 
For example, there is an event for Growlithe near of Kakori Village and you need to play with it to catch it. 
While becomming friend with it, you can give it some Rare Bones or Thick Club. 

It can be a good idea to make him evolve while leveling up holding a Rare Bone and being happy. Then, This Aevian Arcanine will hold a Bone in its mouth ^-^

And then I started created a new forms for A-Arcanine but I'm bad at drawing 😅, so I have started to make some information about its stats, movepool, and abilities. 

First, using a bone to make him evolve will give to Arcanine a Ground Type (it's also a reference to Marowak), and I moved its stats :


Type : Fire / Ground

HP : 90
ATK : 120

DEF : 100

SPA : 70

SPD : 80

SPE : 95


Ability : Intimidate (Thanks to its previous form) / Reckless ( Because it will do its best to protect its beloved trainer)

Hidden Ability : Sand Rush ( You can walk with Growlithe in the forest so it can be fun to make a course in the Badlands too ahah)


New moves :

Ground Moves Earthquake (TM), Earth Power (Move Tutor), Bone Club (Level Up), Bonemerang (Level Up).

Rock Moves : Rock Slide (TM), Stone Edge (TM), Stealth Rocks (Move Tutor).

Nota Bene : It keeps the move of Regular Arcanine. 


Signature Move (LV 66) : Friendship Bone (It's a Double Edge for its Ground Type form, but I'm searching a better name)

Description : The user uses the bone it was given to badly injured the ennemy and protect its trainer. However, the user is badly injured because of the violence of its attack.  


Pokedex : The power of friendship filled the bone given to Growlithe and allow to it to evolve. Arcanine worships its bone, and it will proudly floor its opponents with it. 


When I started to create this form of Arcanine, I was playing with the Growlithe in front of Kakori Village and I saw I could give some bones. And to have this Growlithe, you have to become friend with it. It's cool to catch Pokémon becoming friend with them, but I wanted do more with the notion of Friendship and having more Aevian-forms (Thanks to the team which creates Aevian Pokémon 😗).

I hope you will have fun dreaming up other Aevian forms and maybe they will add more and more Aevian forms ^^

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There already is a different form for Growlithe that will be in Legends Arceus. They could just implement that when the time comes.



I like the idea for this form regardless, seems cool and interesting, I would use the good boi. 

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2 hours ago, SharlaSmith44 said:

Legends of Arceus


Yeah, I said that. I also think it's a bit overkill :p

To be fair, Meowth is basically one of the games Mascots, since it is in basically every episode of the anime.


Pikachu also has a million forms if you count the hat/outfit forms. 

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