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Jarred's Pokebuff Mod for Pokemon Rejuvenation Version Alpha 0.1


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Yo peeps,

MattDank Aka Jarred is here back at is agane with that sweet sweet mod juiciness. Any who, time to get to what the mod's about. Btw the download link is in one of the spoilers.



- Better Pokemon Stats, some rearranged, some nerfed (I'm sorry it had to be done for a few mons)
- Changed Abilities (it's pretty much for every mon, except a few that I know can hold their own)
- Changed evos (there are several mons that got significantly buffed BSTs so I gave them harder evolutions, figure out how to get them! 

- New typings for many of your old friends, here are some notable ones, Rapidash, Zebstrika and Cherrim to name a few
- Very few Type-STAB crests (I disliked those crests, the Empoleon crest is aight tho, it's a respectable one)
- New movesets to compliment said typings, if you have mods from v12 you can defo use them
- Samurott Crest: In electric terrain, fighting & normal type moves have the electric typing and fighting, normal, and electric moves bypass abilities and immunities
- Noctowl Crest: In psychic terrain, noctowl is immune to dark type attacks and it's psychic type attacks are super effective against dark type moves, doubles speed in psychic terrain
-Luxray Crest: Weaknesses for dark types are now resistances and special attack and speed swap
- The legendary Jarred Pizzaz, cause you can never live without that
- I may have done something to Pure Power and Huge Power... 

What to look for in the future:
- A beta, maybe
- New moves, crests, abilities, a new typing, new forms, hopefully an unlocked game file so I can create tutor moves
- It'll prolly be around when 13.5 comes out, whenever Jan and the team feels like they's gunna release it and if they do i'll try to be on it unless it's like January 2021 then i'm kinda screwed cause school bad.
- Maybe a cameo and autographs?
- Me adding stuff to the old crests like bro what the heck is Thievul's crest bro



PS, after today I'll upload on Google Drive on multiple accounts to keep getting free storage.

Here's the link: Jarred's Pokebuff Mod for Pokemon Rejuvenation Alpha Version 0.1

Anyways, here's the PBS cause mad lazy, ciao. Also don't ask when the next update is, or else it'll come after the world freezes over, thank you! <3


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