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Script 'Scene_Intro' line 78: NameError occurred.


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Everytime I try to get beyond the 'start' menu, a pop up stating that;
Script 'Scene_Intro' line 78: NameError occurred.
uninitialized constant IntroEventScene::PBSpecies

appears on my screen. I have tried to find other posts saying what to do in this situation, but I'm still lost as most detail how to fix it using Windows and not a Mac. I think it may be a bug to do with soft resetting based on what some other people have said, and it's recommended to 'go back to a previous save', but I can't find the file Game.rxdata anywhere in my files. 

(if it's of any help, my Wineskin is 2.6.2)

I've put so many hours into this game and I'm really enjoying the ROM, if anyone could help out i'd be thankful :)


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Where is my save file located? Save files are stored in a separate folder depending on your OS.
Windows: C:/Users/[Your User Name]/Saved Games/Pokemon Reborn/Game.rxdata
Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Pokemon Reborn/Game.rxdata
Linux: ~/.local/share/Pokemon

Try reinstalling reborn first

Ps this isn't a rom, roms use existing game data (like Ruby or blue or Emerald) and change it, this game was built from ground up

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