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Help with police officers for Corey

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So I'm at Corey's gym, and for some reason, even without doing the puzzle, its letting me in the back room. I'm watching along with a playthrough, and there were a bunch of police officers in there, the ones I saved earlier, but they are not there for me. I did get a bug for one of them, where for the police officer in the house right before the jungle PULSE fight, the officer was there without the grunt guarding him, and it let me interact with him, but then I went back an hour later, and there was the grunt, but no officer. Did this impact the game in a way that made it so that I cant fight Corey to progress?

Ps. I have saved all the officers

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you can still fight corey without saving the cops. But you'll miss out on some thing later.

did you expose Corey infront of Heather ? that needs to happen for the cops to appear on Corey's gym


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