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Gym's Mod Emporium (updated for 13.0.5)


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IF YOU USE MODS YOU MAY BREAK THE GAME (updated for version 13.0.5)

Current Mods:
Time Control
Today is every day
no registered speedups

other mods: 


If you were using my AutoSpeedup Mod (it is in the mod pack), please redownload it. A bug caused new wild pokemon you caught to not appear in your box.

 - strangely enough, this wasn't caused by my code at all, and the same bug would occur if you copy and pasted the pokeBattle_Battle.rb file into your mods folder. Fellow modders beware! Make sure you are only including class, modules, and functions you are actually modifying.



1. Extract the mod (auto speedup used as an example)

2. navigate inside the folder named after the mod


3. Drag and drop the "Data" folder into your "Rejuvination - v13" folder.


4. Double check that you now have a "Mods" folder in your data folder to ensure it is installed correctly


5. Restart your game (your computer if you are using a mac)

6. Enjoy! (that is an order!)


Time Control

This mod adds a new menu into your cyber nav that lets you set the time of day.

I have not tested this with every cutscene so be careful.
Default will set you back onto your normal clock.



Today is Every Day

Did you know there are certain events that require it to be a specific day of the week? What if it was always that day of the week? Well look no further!
This has not been fully tested. It shouldn't break anything but you have been warned.




No Registered Speedups

When you press left alt, it speed ups the game and activates your f3 registered item. This mod stops the speed up part
I can guarantee this won't cause any bugs in the game. In fact this mod may be removed later because it might get implemented, or it's reasoning otherwise made pointless.





This installs all mods listed here and the battle speedup mod on my other page. THIS DOESN'T INCLUDE DEBUG. You will have to install that separately. I hope you enjoy!


and more mods to come! I will make them as I have time to. Currently looking at a mod that allows you to skip all non shiny and non new wild encounters. You just can't put a price on convenience.

GymsModPack.zip (updated due to having an incorrect file)

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Updated clock control. The back button now works. I am going to add versions to these in the future to make it easier to tell if you have the latest version. I plan on adding weather control to clock control.

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On 10/1/2021 at 5:18 PM, Surgent said:

it is in the devnav

I think what they're saying(coming from someone that's experienced it), is that if you change the time in certain areas you cannot find any encounters in the grass at all. 


For example, in the Terajuma selecting Evening will result in no encounters appearing at all. You can run around in the grass however long you'd like, nothing will show. If you attempt to force encounters by using a pokemon with sweet scent for example, nothing will show either. 


This happens mostly in areas past Terajuma though, I didn't encounter this prior to that. 


On the flip side though, you can essentially use this to be free of encounters in certain areas, so that's neat. 


Edit: Also if you're curious, I removed every other mod besides Time Control when I ran into this issue and was testing it out. 

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