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[SPOILER] Error message

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EDIT: it got fixed in the patch nvm


When the first fight in the nightmare Axis High area is about to be initiated (with the Puppet Master's goons), I get this error message:


Exception: RuntimeError
Message: Script error within event 9, map 33 (Route 01):
Exception: SDLError
Message: 053:*BitmapCache:322:in `initialize': Error loading image 'Graphics/Tilesets/NPU-Route01-02-Moki-Kevlar': Out of memory
***Full script:
pbTrainerBattle(PBTrainers::FISHERMAN,"Marko",_I("Okay, so maybe not JUST Water Pokémon."),false,0,false,0)
044:Interpreter:243:in `pbExecuteScript'
053:*BitmapCache:322:in `initialize'
053:*BitmapCache:389:in `new'
053:*BitmapCache:389:in `load_bitmap'
055:* SpriteWindow:866:in `initialize'
055:* SpriteWindow:314:in `new'
055:* SpriteWindow:314:in `initialize'
055:* SpriteWindow:354:in `new'
055:* SpriteWindow:354:in `pbGetTileset'
035:* Spriteset_Map:156:in `_animationSprite_initialize'

044:Interpreter:276:in `pbExecuteScript'
044:Interpreter:788:in `command_111'
044:Interpreter:320:in `execute_command'
044:Interpreter:193:in `update'
044:Interpreter:106:in `loop'
044:Interpreter:106:in `update'
168:MKXP-Z OVERRIDES:270:in `update'
168:MKXP-Z OVERRIDES:268:in `loop'
168:MKXP-Z OVERRIDES:268:in `update'
192:Debug Passability:259:in `main'
192:Debug Passability:247:in `loop'
192:Debug Passability:247:in `main'
252:Main:66:in `mainFunction'
173:** Compiler:64:in `pbCriticalCode'
252:Main:38:in `mainFunction'
252:Main:72:in `loop'

What can I do to fix this>

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no longer an issue
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