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[spoilers] any idea what to do here?


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i'm in the area with the pyramid on the nightmare school route with aelita, jean, huey, and lavender. i got the first piece of the statue with gregus, but i can't figure out what to do from there. i looked around the main room with the pedestal and the room with the first treasure all over but i couldnt find anything to do, other than the quest with the invisible theif that i'm also stuck on. is there something im missing here? or could i get any help? i hope this makes sense. tyvm :3c!!


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17 minutes ago, IceBreaker said:

you have to find the invisible thief in order to progress

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he is literally invisible, but if you just follow the top wall of the hallway that connects the entrance to the gregus area, you should find him


omgg thank u i could Not find him. tysm :D!!

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