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[V13] Sheridan's Inn is a scam!

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So Keta decided to remove the Pokemon Center on Sheridan Village to promote the Elder's Inn business, huh?
450$ per stay, what a robbery!! He should be ashamed of himself!!
2/10, stay away from Sheridan, it's a tourist trap people! Better just talk to the Truck Guy and move my butt to Venam's Gym for free heals!

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This is why Hazuki did what she did when confronting Aelita! This is the evil she claims her granddaughter has not seen!


And the true reason Neved HATES Keta!


And now we know where Cera gets her b*tch personality. Cella was just as bad, AAAAALLLL along!


And now we know why poor Deagan has amnesia... he refused his brother's bad business proposal, and got sent over the cliff. That whole scene we watch in Where Love Lies is a LIE!

Spoilers for those who have not completed the game. This... this revelation changes everything. This is THE plotpoint of V13.


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1 hour ago, dragonsbeat said:


Aaah you tried that too?!
I also did, I though "I don't need your filthy inn, I have a PC Box!" and then got hit with the realization, man, the inn industry is ruthless..

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This is a sign of how far Keta has fallen. Sheridan is a place of community and support, but the inn prices have shown the full extent of Keta selling out to capitalism and evil housing barons.


Madelis's plan to melt Sheridan through volcanic eruption was her protesting Sheridan inn's lackluster services and absurd price inflation.  Team Xen was truly justified.



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