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I do too. Using Arch, but I doubt that's relevant to this.

The error seems pretty explanatory; it seems to be missing the order in which the new (patched?) scripts should be loaded, but I am surely missing something because even a empty !scripts_order fails to load the game (albeit without error), and I don't think the whole lot of scripts are being distributed as .rb files.

I tried deleting all save data and no dice.

I don't think the .rxdata and .rb change depending on platform (since the patch is the same for all) but I'll try using the files from other platforms


Oh, I found a fix, I just copied the Scripts folder from the Mac bundle (which included the correct script_order and way more .rb files)

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Oh I fixed it.
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If you did use my solution I think you should re-apply the patch unless you want the bugs fixed in the said patch to 'bug' you some time in the future.

Unless the problem comes back... which I don't think it could happen.

I'm not sure if we downloaded a corrupted archive or something; this was weird.

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i am encountering the same issue on my mac. can whoever fixed this issue walk me through the steps please?



EDIT: Encountered new issue, making new post about this. i'd appreciate some help

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Update regarding the error
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