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I can't find Bennett on 7th Street


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Hello good, I don't know if the forum is still active, when I left the 8th gym, when I went to the aqua base the team was not there so I decided to access 7th street through the wall where it should pass, the fact that I think by doing this I have broken the event in which Bennett would have to leave, I have seen that people have problems with him leaving but I have tried everything, if someone would be so kind as to look at the save,



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If you have walk through walls you can probably just walk into the sanctum, or use debug or sandbox mode to warp into the area. I have no clue what's wrong with the save. My only guess is loading 7th street made the gangs disappear but then that means you would've had to load the area before now. I'd say debug is probably your best chance though. Just click warp map and then scroll down to Beryl Wall.

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