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Game-Z.exe Green line Screen

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I recently got a new computer(Windows 10) and try to play Reborn with the Game-z(which worked amazingly well on my last computer) but whenever I load up the game the screen always appear like this: Can anybody help me? I'm really not good with computers

Screenshot (1).png

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3 hours ago, Starry Knight said:

try downloading it again and extracting?
check graphic settings to see if that is interferring with anything?

I manage to get it to work by updating my graphic drivers, but thank you for your help.

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3 hours ago, Stormblessed said:

Hi! I am having the exact same problem, both here in reborn and in pokemon desolation. Any idea how to solve it? I tried updating my grphic drivers, but it didn't work.

Before, I help you it depends on what type of computer you have. Do you have Windows 10?

And may you send me a screenshot of your computer screen to help you better?

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Hi, sorry for not answering until now. I managed to solve the problem.


Before, the mkxp-z.exe (the game-z) used my Intel (R) UHD Graphic card, which is the power saving one.




Windows does this automatically, so I tried forcing it to use the Nvidia graphic card and it worked like a charm. Here is how I did it:


  • If you are having this problem, check in Task Manager, Performance, if you have a second GPU to change to.



  • In case you do, try changing the GPU the game uses like this:
    • Go to Settings
    • Open System
    • Open Display
    • Scroll down and click Graphic settings
    • Click Browse and look up the game-z.exe that's having trouble.
    • Click Options and change it from System default to High performance
    • Save
    • Execute the .exe, the problem should be solved.

Here is where I got the explanations: https://www.howtogeek.com/351522/how-to-choose-which-gpu-a-game-uses-on-windows-10/


Hopefully this can help any of you having the same problem as me.






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