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i need pseudo legendary mons


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10 hours ago, Tomi123 said:

guys hi i need soome strong pokemons this game is really hard and im stuck in third gym i just need a solid team plz 

I don't intend to be rude, but... pokémon Reborn is essentially designed to kick the average players butt over and over..
If you're struggling with a certain gym leader you should probably tweak your team with stronger mons, perhaps look up a guide to see what pokémon you could potentially use against him..

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1 hour ago, Technowiz said:

That's not how Reborn should be played, a big part of the game is for you to use mons that are niche and not in "meta". Sorry man

The game should be played however people have the most fun, honestly. Some like the challenge, some don't. I'd offer to breed the mons, but my laptop out to get it's fan replaced.


If you still need help when I get it back, I'll send you some then.

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Hi! Since the game feels difficult and you wanna use your favourite pokemon, I have a few recommendations to make.
One is to use the debug mode to change your pokemons ivs/evs, give them moves, make them stronger.
And the second recommendation is to edit your game's bps files and buff the base stats, abilities, moves of the pokemon you like and use.

Problems, solutions

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I could probably trade with you- though I found it was more fun to “earn” those pseudo-legendary mons. But I’ll happily trade with you because you should play however you want 

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