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Joiplay Buttons Not Working on Android After Update

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Hey all,


Please forgive me if I post this in the wrong section.  I'm playing reborn on Android and have been going strong with it for months.  I received an Android update earlier this week and have since then not been able to use any of the Joiplay buttons for my device. I can start the game and make it to the title screen, but nothing after.  I've updated Joiplay and hard restarted my device a handful of times with no success.  Has anyone else encountered this issue, and been able to resolve it?

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>hasnt used joiplay in a few months but i remember certain versions of Reborn didnt like working with joiplay
Also was said android update the Android 12 upgrade?, otherwise id check Joiplay's patreon for support since the creator is quite active on there

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