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Installing the SWM modular modpack makes me unable to access my save file

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Hi everyone,


It's my first post, therefore apologies if it's not in the right section. first off I'd like to say to thank the developers for this amazing game and everyone that contributed in the community. I decided to try some of the mods, I thought that'd install the SWM modular pack after reading positive reviews from other fans but every time I try to install it I end up losing my save file. I have to delete all my mods to have access to it again.  Can someone tell me how I can install the mods and still being able to play with my current save file? 


I'm not sure what I've done wrong


Thank you 

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Posted (edited)

Hey so this thing happened with me too when I downloaded that mod, see what you have to do is move your game.rxdata file and your latest save file into a folder called "saves" and then you should be able to play the game with your save and with mods. What that mod does is that it also makes a save folder for your save files automatically and if you don't put your save files in that folder then the game will not start from your save file

Edit: that "saves" folder will be in your reborn folder

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