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is it frowned upon to use mostly wonder traded pokeon

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Short Answer: No.


Don't worry about whether your Pokemon are wonder traded or not. Just enjoy your playthrough of the game with the Pokemon you like or don't like!

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I'm mostly surprised you got good trades still, lol. Last time I tried I got a bunch of Kricketots named "LOLOLOL" and stuff. I was about to throw some bred shinies in, but that threw me off the idea.


The wonderful thing here is that it's your game. Play it however you want, as long as you're enjoying it, having fun, then that's awesome. Also, if I remember there's a challenge runs centered around Wonder Trading. The idea sounds pretty cool, to be honest.


Having done a number of playthroughs, challenge runs and mono runs I'm currently running through it using a team of 6 of my all-time favourites.


Have fun with the game :)

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