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Just Your Typical Psychic Trainer Dropping By To Say Hello~

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Heya everyone! My name's Cryoflame, 'though I mainly go by Cy (or Cryo or Flame or whatever other nicknames people think of. As long as it's not a one-letter nickname, feel free to call me it.) You may have seen me pop up in the Discord server sometimes, and I've started playing Reborn since... whoa, was it only two months ago? Anyways, yeah, I'm new to the community. *bows* Currently on my second and third runs of Reborn (psychic and poison monotypes) and nearly finished with the current release of Rejuvenation as well as just started Desolation. I really enjoy the games and I'd like to thank the developers for creating them~!


As you've probably seen from the title, I'm a psychic type enthusiast. 'Though fire and dragon types are pretty neat too (and ice... and ghost...! And-- let's just stop here before I start naming all the types). Anyway! My favorite psychic types are Gallade, Gardevoir, Meowstic, Duosion, and virtually all the psychic type legendaries/mythicals. Lati@s and Necrozma gets a shoutout and Cyndaquil is the best starter :D


Outside of Pokemon and games, I'm an amateur writer that specializes in poems and non-shippy fanfictions, and a budding artist that can only draw cutesy Wings-of-Fire-styled dragons and some random Pokemon sketches. I also enjoy watching anime, reading, listening to music, and origami. I'm also bilingual- no, tri- no, wait, I'm a polyglot* (yeah, that's the word, I think). My main language is English but I'm also learning some Japanese and Chinese and know some Runes and American Sign Language. And I somehow manage all of this while being smothered in schoolwork.


So yeah, thanks for reading this far, and I look forward to getting to know y'all! *bows again*


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Henlowo welcome to the forums! I haven’t seen you on discord prolly cause I go there so rarely (I’m a rare Candy lol) 🍭

Psychic types are neat. I attempted a mono psychic run in Reborn and had quite a lot of fun with that typing :)

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