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did you mess around with fill names or you accidentally destroyed your game. I am no developer or anywhere near a progammer but these things always help me out if  an in-game error occurs.

1. Look if you're save is corrupted by accesing an previous save. This thread should be of assistance https://www.rebornevo.com/pr/save/

2 redownload the game.

3. Mayby there is something I've missed look at the FAQ https://www.rebornevo.com/pr/gamefaq/if you're lucky there might be another solution, but i doubt it

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I'm having this same issue at the moment, has anyone found a fix?


I'm trying to play on windows, I've tried downloading multiple times, I have no mods installed yet, and I tried swapping the dll names as Starry Knight suggested, all to no avail.

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