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Rough estimate for Pulse Garbodor, Camerupt and Hypno's stats.


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I figured out the rough estimate for these unseen Pulses' stats, here they are:

Pulse Garbodor
240 HP
20 Attack
140 Defense
115 Special Attack
160 Special Defense
80 Speed

Pulse Camerupt
200 HP
50 Attack
160 Defense
240 Special Attack
150 Special Defense
10 Speed

Pulse Hypno
255 HP
30 Attack
180 Defense
240 Special Attack
255 Special Defense
150 Speed

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if we're gonna fite em...

how are we gonna fite them

i wanted a hug aka mr. bigglesworth aka rift garb has a FAT hp stat and high defenses

camerupt has high defenses but its ability wont even let it get hit with hard hitting moves aka water type

and forget abt hypno its gonna outspeed and ohko everything


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