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Looking for Eevee/Jolteon (Still Looking)

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I'm looking for either a Jolteon or an Eevee that I can evolve into Jolteon.


For trading I can give a Volcarona (61), a Golurk (59), a Talonflame (70), a Sylveon (62), a Gliscor (68), an Elgyem (30).


(I already made the jangmo-o trade below, but Gabite and Larvitar are still available for the eevee/jolteon trade.)


For Jangmo-o the only trade I have that'll likely be fitting is Gabite (31). Larvitar at lvl 1 might be acceptable as well, but I'm not sure. Gabite and Larvitar can also be traded for the Eevee/Jolteon, though. Since I'm at the water lady's gym I can beat her and get Jangmo-o with rock climb, I'm sure. Just a matter of whether I want to play that far with all the grinding and whatnot.



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7 hours ago, shinyalex777 said:

Hey, I have a Jangmo-o and an Eevee. (don't have a thunderstone). I can give you one of my spares if you give me your Ralts if that's ok.

I'll take the Jangmo-o. Currently trying to figure out why online play isn't working for me, but my online name for online play is "Cyypher". If I'm able to get online before you see this I'll try to have the game open and waiting for the trade. If not then leave your name and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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