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Hey guys, so I need some help merging 3 mods for rejuventaion together.


The first is not really a mod but the base game for rejuvenation, altough it is not the vanilla from this site. I downloaded the base game from this youtube channel called thecoolkid because he activated the debug mode. Not only that, he modified the debug mode so it is easier to add pokemon, moves, items, etc by just selecting their IDs instead of scrolling for god knows how long. This is really useful when I'm playing on my phone. The link for downloading the base game is http://exe.io/asIB or you can find it on the video link here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnX-ZLy0fNw&t=1s


The second mod that I want to use is the Rejuvenation challenge pack.


And the third is Rejuvenation modular pack.


The thing is, when I opened the script I really don't understand what I'm seeing and what should I do to merge these 3 together.

I've been using Gemini to open the script and just fyi I don't really know what to do with scripts. Usually I just follow instructions I found online.

So if any of you guys understand and can guide me to merge these 3 mod so I can play them together I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

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