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Once I made a character tier list, but it was back when I had not better judgement. So here's my current and more honest one👇🏽




Aaaand here's my rank for the field effects here😊


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A bit of feedback/my own opinions on the field effect tier list:  First of all I find it weird that you put the three fields that aren't actually ever used in the game in the list at all, much less all three of them in S tier.  Yeah we know what they actually do, but... I dunno I'd at least wait until I've actually PLAYED the fields a couple times before putting them on a tier list, if I were the one making it (if you can play them in multiplayer feel free to call me dumb, I haven't touched the multiplayer).  I ABSOLUTELY agree with Misty Terrain being top tier, in fact I'd say there should be an S+ tier just for that.  The ability to nullify any boss' field advantage + the ease of availability + the MASSIVE buff it gets compared to it's "cannon" counterpart + the ease of building a team around it puts it above the other "manual" fields.  Although I'd like to know your reasoning for putting Grassy Terrain so low, it has the same ability to nullify any boss' field advantage.


As for the character list...  I guess I shouldn't be harsh since you admit yourself your judgement wasn't great at the time, but this isn't just a problem you have.  I am getting tired of people on this forum pretending that Cain is not the second worst part of Pokemon Reborn.  Cain is the second worst part of Pokemon Reborn, behind the glass gauntlet's hour+ long cutscene.  I hope he stays dead but I doubt it since unfunny comic relief characters so infamously get favoritism from their authors (it doesn't help that another character makes a point to declare that he could come back immediately after he dies).  It's even more baffling that you put the OTHER unfunny comic relief where she belongs but Cain goes straight to the top because.........?????????  Actually even SHE'S better than Cain.  At least a couple of her jokes are something other than just "hey guys did you know SEX it's funny because SEX".  I'm also kinda interested in where the story goes with her, since she's obviously getting her ability to ignore reality from the same source as Lin.  Speaking of, it's kinda strange that you didn't put Lin on that list.

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