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So let me preface this with an apology if this isnt welcome here due to the usage of the available mods.


I am about 3 days into my newest playthrough, trying to do a shiny-only main team. I've had good success so far, with a lot - like really lots - of soft resets. Didnt need to use debug menu for anything except the game corner coins, but I like some mods like the EV overflow and the weather change and the auto-hook fishing ones. 


I reached the mystery egg event and was really lucky to find that I was getting a Togepi. Since the pokemon from the egg is usually amazing, I decided to keep soft-resetting to get it shiny. After about 10 times of doing the minimum steps, I decided to use the debug menu to check if the pokemon is shiny or not as soon as I got the egg. After a hellish amount of resets again, I managed to get a egg that had "Shininess (shiny) is normal" as its message. I promptly saved and continued my playthrough.


The egg hatched to be a normal Togepi. I reset from the save right after and checked again - the egg is still supposed to be shiny. I used the "Make Pokemon" function in the debug egg tools, and it did become a shiny Togepi but with Officer Dane as the OT. I reset and hatched it again to the same result - a normal Togepi. I've duplicated the egg multiple times and hatched each of them separately in different locations - but they all hatch into normal Togepis.


Please help. 





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