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So I know that this is an asinine question, but I was wondering if anyone had actual percentages regarding the chances of finding certain items through Pickup? I know there's a pickup chart on this site, but it only sorts by "Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare". Plus, for some reason, the item sprites don't show up for me in the Very Rare section. Here's the table I'm using for reference: https://www.rebornevo.com/pr/pickup/

Again, nothing super important, but it would be cool if anyone can help!


Last question, I swear: does anyone know if this table is also used in Rejuvenation, or is there a different one?


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If you hover your mouse over the boxes it'll show the name of each item, even if the icon isn't loading properly (I can list them off for you if that doesn't show either). As for the exact rarities, since the table looks pretty similar to the ones for Emerald-Gen 6, I would assume that the rarities for each section are the same; that is to say the Common is 30%, each Uncommon is 10%, each Rare is 4%, and each Very Rare is 1%. I haven't played Rejuvenation so I couldn't tell you if it's the same personally, but other people probably could.

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Well I've used pickup in Rejuv and Deso and it seems that they use Reborn's pickup table, altough it would've been better if they changed it slightly, cuz you keep getting pokesnax which won't work with pokemon in overworld

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