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Script 'PokemonMap' Line 78: NoMethodError Ocurred. Undefined method `bridge=' for nil:Nil class

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I have a huge trouble with my game (ver. 18.4.). I try to go out Spinel Town but I can't due to this error: which blocks the game and appears with this message: "Script 'PokemonMap' Line 78: NoMethodError Ocurred. Undefined method `bridge=' for nil:Nil class". I tried first to play with the game-z version, then I tried to make copies of the last saves and deleted the older ones the C disk, and I even reinstalled all the game again, and it is still blocked. I did all of this reading the comments on this platform, more precisly, I have consulted these links: 


A Guide to Using Your Backup Saves



Despite reading these advices, I am still stucked :(


Is there any other way to fix this problem without losing my current game? 


Thank you in advance!

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On 3/2/2021 at 2:10 AM, LaGagui said:

I just comprobed it, and no, I don't have any mods installed, just the game 

That's usually corrupted file, it might take 1 or 2 more back

You can try unzipping the game again first tho and trying to play from that

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    I might post a thread for this type of issue on the Rejuvenation page. I might be able to fix this. (I think I do) the way to fix this is a face slap once you realize what to do. I don't play reborn but I have never seen this error happen when loading a town. this usually happens when try to open the game. 


your's truly,

Jade A. Fenwe

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