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Oasis Surveyors - YouTube Adventure Comedy Series (currently at 11 chapters, 4 more are at writing stage)

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A brand new series is already uploaded on my YouTube channel! Presenting to you… the Adventure Comedy series called… Oasis Surveyors!

Important note: As of now, I have added subtitles to Chapter 1 and Chapter 11. Do you want me to add subtitles to other chapters first or just keep focusing on producing new chapters? 


Following his graduation from school in Sahra Town, Sandshrew sets out to find a job to his liking. He learns about Oasis Surveyors, an exploration team operating in Sand Continent.




And... Meet the primairy cast of Oasis Surveyors:


Maractus "Mary" - The Supervisor

She is the official leader of Oasis Surveyors and the current owner of Hoopa's Bottle. She is very skilled in organizing expeditions and other stuff. She has a serious demeanor and values reputation of her group more than anything else.


Hoopa "Hoop" - The Troublemaster

The big prankster and troublemaker of the group. Currently serving his sentence in order to have his crimes pardoned. His primary specialities are communications and transportation. His magic rings are used by members of the group for communication and for warping back to base after finishing a mission, also serving as proof of membership.


Sandshrew "Sandy" - The Quiet

He is calm and collected and always follows orders. However, his simple-minded nature makes him an easy target for Hoopa's pranks. Despite that, he receives better treatment from his collegues, especially when compared to Skorupi. He doesn't seems to notice that Tog-Tog has a crush on him.


Togedemaru "Tog-Tog" - The Roll Cook

She specializes in cooking food that comes from caravan supplies. She fell in crush with Sandshrew shortly after he joined. She is good friends with Mary but completely dislikes going on expeditions with Hyper for a certain reason.


Patrat "Pat" - The Sentry

The watcher of the base, he stays on his shift during the day and sometimes at night. Frequently suffers from insomnia. Avoids contacts with everyone except Sandshrew and Maractus, deeming them the only ones that are considered "normal".


Scorbunny "Fidjet" - The Errand Boy

The fastest Pokemon in the desert (or so he claims). Running around and making deliveries is the only thing he's good at, because of his short attention span. He is rarely seen sitting in one place - always running around, leaving trails of fire as he runs. He enjoys Tog-Tog's rolls and secretly has a crush on her. He never uses Hoopa's rings by himself, always preferring to run long distances instead.


Rhyperior "Hyper" - The Ace

He is widely considered to be the strongest member of the team, and he is also the co-founder of Oasis Surveyors. Known for repeatedly harrassing Maractus for making him the leader of the group. His true strength lies in his fondness for spherical objects (or Pokemon). In combat, he fires them from his palms with great power and spin, instantly knocking out all but toughest opponents. Like Sandshrew, he dislikes water.


Skorupi "Sting" - The Black Mareep

He is the black sheep of the group. The only reason Maractus allowed him to join because his friend Hoopa begged her. He is still trying to find a proper role to fit in, and he dislikes Sandshrew because the latter managed to fit in almost instantly.


Numel "Hump" - The Caravaneer

She delivers water and food supplies between base and various settlements that are scattered around the desert. She is always escorted with her fellow group members to protect those supplies from raiders, and she can defend herself very well. She often berates her fellow members for inability of completing the mission properly.


Vullaby "Nappy" - The Scout

She is responsible for scouting the desert for new water sources. She is capable of short-term flying. She also has a fondness for bones of previously deceased Pokemon, which creeps other group members except for Skorupi.


Heliolisk "Hello" - The Double Agent

A more recent addition to the roster of Oasis Surveyors, Hello is doing his best to prove himself in front of his colleagues. However, he also has a troublesome past that is still haunting him...

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