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My attempt at a Reborn Nuzlocke.

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Hi everyone! I've been playing Reborn a lot and I've been thinking of doing a Pokemon Reborn Nuzlocke. I'm aware of how hard this challenge is gonna be so I set up some rules.


Standard rules apply, of course. (1 Pokemon per area, pokemon dies when it faints.)


Dupes clause will be in affect here.


Because of shinies being a lot easier to encounter, 1 shiny per area


I'm allowed to use static encounters (weather events, trade mons, gift mons), they won't count as a encounter in the area.


If I run out of Pokemon in my party and PC, the game is over.


I'll post now and then to get you guys up to speed about my progress.

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Part 1: And so it begins...


After luckily escaping and surviving from a train crash, I head down to the Grand Hall to get my starter for this run. Turtwig is apparently good for this run, with it's Hidden Ability Shell Armor, which protects it from crits, also it get Earthquake pretty early. I chose my Turtwig and named him Big Boi.


Big Boi (Turtwig) - Ability: Shell Armor, Naive Nature. (Not bad, managed to get Shell Armor, kinda sucks about the speed, tho.)


So I beat up Cain's Nidoran and Victoria's Litten, receive my Pokeballs and went to get my first encounter, which turns out to be a normal Rattata.


Mad Rat (Rattata) - Ability: Guts, Hasty Nature (Guts could make this Rattata pretty good to have as a teammate, shame about not getting Bidoof, but ah well.)


While trying to rescue Pachirisu from the jerks at Opal Ward, Mad Rat almost dies to Trubbish's Aftermath, but we managed to beat them and save the event Pachirisu.


Bolt (Pachirisu) - Ability: Pickup, Hasty Nature. (Managed to get what I was looking for, a pickup mon to get items for major battles.)


When arriving in Lower Peridot Ward, I catched some event mons and fished myself up a Finneon


Jemima (Espurr (female)) - Ability: Infiltrator, Impish Nature (I can fix the ability later, so I'm not all that worried.)


Butterfly (Finneon) - Ability: Swift Swim, Mild Nature (Was hoping for a Goldeen, but I could work with this.)


Ringtone (Kricketot) - Ability: Run Away, Quirky Nature (Managed to get lucky with this one, Run Away becomes Technician when Kricketot evolves.)


Dreadlocks (Panpour) - Ability: Torrent, Bold Nature


Licorice (Tynamo) - Ability: Levitate, Naive Nature


I also went to the Underground Railnet and got a Woobat.


Romeo (Woobat) - Ability: Klutz, Brave Nature (Woobat might come in handy up against Kiki, might want to change the ability, tho.)


Up in Upper Peridot Ward, I got the Ability Capsule that was next to Mosswater Factory and gave Jemima Own Tempo. Ringtone evolved into Kricketune and I caught a Trubbish and a few more event mons.


Devito (Trubbish) - Ability: Stench, Quiet Nature (I was hoping to get a nice bulky Toxic Spike setter for the battles up ahead, Stench could be handy, but I might change it.)


Bubbles (Surskit) - Ability: Swift Swim, Docile Nature


Marigold (Budew) - Ability: Natural Cure, Timid (Might change it's Ability so it can get Technician as a Roserade.)


I'll stop right here, but next time, I'll grind up the team, defeat Fern and take care of the problems in Mosswater Factory, no unfortunate deaths so far, but knowing this game, I'll have to prepare for the worst.





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Part 2:


Starting off, I capture a few more event mons as well as a Shiny Purrloin while grinding my team up in the alleyways in Upper Peridot Ward.


Marty (Blitzle) - Ability: Sap Sipper, Bold Nature (Sap Sipper could come in handy in Forest fields, so I'm fine with this.)


Yoomtah (Igglybuff) - Ability: Competitive, Jolly Nature


Mungojerrie (Shiny Purrloin) - Ability: Limber, Timid Nature


Heading over to Blacksteam Factory, I met Fern, who challenges me to a battle. Romeo (Woobat) takes down Budew with two Confusions, Big Boi (Turtwig) one shots Sandile with Razor Leaf and Devito (Trubbish) gets rid of Rowlet with three Acid Sprays.


Next I had to take care of some problems in the Mosswater Factory, Flying and Water types are not going to be good in this so I left Romeo out. I decided to enter the Factory with:


Ringtone (Kricketune) Lvl 14

Mungojerrie (Purrloin) Lvl 13

Devito (Trubbish) Lvl 13

Big Boi (Turtwig) Lvl 14

Marty (Blitzle) Lvl 15

Jemima (Espurr) Lvl 14


Team Meteor wasn't much of a problem for me, I got a bit scared when Marty almost died to Stunky's Fury Swipes, but things turned out alright. Aster and Eclipse were a bit scary too, I managed to get both their Rockruff down to yellow with Big Boi's Razor Leaf, but when they took out Fern's Budew, making Fern send out Sandile, I got worried they were going to go after Big Boi, after some smart switching around while Fern's Sandile gets rid of one of the Rockruff, I was able to defeat them without any unfortunate deaths.


Next post will be my Gym Battle against Julia, I'll do some grinding and sort out a team to deal with Julia.

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Part 3: Three Cheers for Big Boi


Starting off, I decided to grind some of my Pokemon at the Grand Hall and get Marigold (Budew) and Licorice (Tynamo) up to speed for more resistance against Electric type moves, I also evolved Big Boi into a Grotle so it can take a few more hits from Julia's team, especially against her Voltorb and Electrode's Sonic Boom. I also caught a Shiny Goldeen in Lower Peridot Ward.


Peppermint (Shiny Goldeen) - Ability: Lightning Rod, Quirky Nature


Next up was the first Gym Leader of Reborn, Julia. Her Oricorio and Electrode might make things a bit hard, but I've got plenty of Pokemon who can resist Electric type moves. The Pokemon I used for this battle was:


Devito (Trubbish) Lvl 15 - For Toxic Spikes setup on Minun.

Licorice (Tynamo) Lvl 15 - For resistance agaisnt electric type moves.

Ringtone (Kricketune) Lvl 15 - Technician Fury Cutter packs a punch.

Marty (Blitzle) Lvl 16 - Same as Licorice, also to go against Oricorio

Marigold (Budew) Lvl 16 - Same as Licorice, also to get rid of Alolan Geodude

Big Boi (Grotle) Lvl 18 - To go against Electrode


Devito sets up Toxic Spikes on Minun and Minun uses Charge Beam, boosting it's Sp. Atk, I switched to Ringtone hoping it would use Encore, Minun uses Charge Beam again and boost up Sp Atk again. Ringtone survives a hit, I try to use Struggle Bug hoping to outspeed, Minun outspeeds with another Charge Beam, Ringtone dies. I send out Big Boi to tank a hit from Charge Beam and use Razor Leaf, Minun dies.


I keep Big Boi in as Julia sends out Voltorb, Voltorb misses Sonic Boom and Big Boi one shots Voltorb with Razor Leaf.


I switch out Big Boi for Marty as Julia sends out Oricorio. Marty fires three Electric Terrain boosted Shock Wave to get rid of Oricorio.


Marigold comes in to get rid of Geodude with Mega Drain.


Big Boi comes in again to get rid of Plusle with Razor Leaf.


I switch into Marty to heal up Big Boi as Julia sends out Electrode. I switch back to Big Boi to tank a Charge Beam from Electrode and take it out with two Razor Leafs and get my first gym badge, it ended up with me making a stupid move with killing Ringtone at the start, but at least things didn't end up too bad.


R.I.P Ringtone (Kricketune) Lvl 15


But with every down there is a up, as two new members join the gang.


Roxy (Onix) - Ability: Sturdy, Quiet Nature


Vulcan (Numel) - Ability: Own Tempo, Lonely Nature


Next post will be Obsidia Ward and the Slums. We got our first death, but we'll be getting more than that delving deeper into the game.


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Part 4: 


Before entering Obsidia, I decided to do a bit of training to get some of my low leveled Pokemon caught up with the rest of the team. Romeo (Woobat) evolved into a Swoobat, but unfortunately, Marty (Blitzle) dies to a Whismur using Echoed Voice while I was training Yoomtah (Igglybuff) up on the trainers on Opal Bridge.


R.I.P Marty (Blitzle) Lvl 17


When arriving in Obsidia, I pick up a few new members in the Sweet Kiss Candy Shop.


Minty (Vanillite) - Ability: Snow Cloak, Jolly Nature


Floss (Swirlix) - Ability: Sweet Veil, Rash Nature


On the way to the Slums, Victoria warns me of the dangers in there and tests me in a battle. Big Boi gets rid her Ralts and Pichu, but when Torracat came in I switched to Roxy (Onix) to slow it down with Rock Tomb, Roxy manages to survive a Double Kick and land two Rock Tombs before she died, I sent out Vulcan (Numel) and finish her Torracat off with Magnitude.


R.I.P Roxy (Onix) Lvl 17


Entering the Slums, I encounter a Mankey and a Shiny Pidove, as well as a Ducklett egg.


Angery (Mankey) - Ability: Anger Point, Lax Nature


Raptor (Shiny Pidove) - Ability: Big Pecks, Lax Nature


While training up the newcomers, Raptor dies to a wild Trubbish's Acid Spray.


R.I.P Raptor (Pidove) Lvl 15


Just when we were going to exit the Slums, we were ambushed by wild Scraggy and Scrafty. We were able to survive the ambush with Floss's Fairy Wind and Angery's Karate Chop, but we ended up losing Marigold (Budew).


R.I.P Marigold (Budew) Lvl 17


Next post will be Coral Ward, our first PULSE battle and our second battle against Fern. We lost 4 Pokemon this post, either as a sacrifice or by accident. Let hope what happens next post doesn't screw me over.

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Part 5: Too Cool for School


Arriving in Coral Ward, I pick up a few event mon.


Grizabella (Skitty) - Ability: Wonder Skin, Bold Nature


Samba (Lotad) - Ability: Own Tempo, Careful Nature


We come across Amaria as well as Cain who rescues a Popplio stranded in toxic water, and challenges us to a battle. Vulcan (Numel) gets rid of Grimer with two Magnitude 6s, Big Boi (Grotle) takes out Popplio with one Razor Leaf, Butterfly (Finneon) defeats Cubone with two Water Guns and Vulcan finishes Nidorino with one Magnitude 8.


Heading back to Obsidia, I receive my TMX for Cut and face ZEL. They send their PULSE Tangrowth on me so I used Devito (Trubbish) to lower their Sp. Def with 2 Acid Sprays, then I switch to Vulcan to try to take it out with Flame Burst, I managed to get two in, but Tangrowth takes a large chunk of his health with Mega Drain then finishes him with Vine Whip. I switched to Minty (Vanillite) to get rid of it's last bit of health with Icy Wind. I wasn't expecting to get a low roll on the second Flame Burst, but at least Tangrowth is taken down. 


R.I.P Vulcan (Numel) Lvl 20


While training up the team, Romeo gets dies to a critical hit Assurance from a wild Koffing.


R.I.P Romeo (Swoobat) Lvl 18


But things turn out alright, Samba evolved into a Lombre, Yoomtah (Igglybuff) evolves into Jigglypuff, Jemima (Espurr) fills in for Romeo, and we also get some new members for the team.


Jennyanydots (Glameow) - Ability: Keen Eye, Careful Nature


Sludge (Grimer) - Ability: Sticky Hold, Adamant Nature (I wanted to wait until I get the Good Rod to try for a Skrelp, but Devito died to a Ponyta while I was healing up Angery (Mankey))


R.I.P Devito (Trubbish) Lvl 18


Entering the Onyx Ward School, Fern, being the asshole that he is, locks up the fast route to Florinia's arena, meaning we have to take the long way round, jokes on him, though, as not only has my team have gotten stronger, but I also got a Coin Case, which I used to get a Slugma from the Casino!


Ravioli (Slugma) - Ability: Flame Body, Naughty Nature (I was going to get a Nidoran for Sheer Power Nidoking, but I really needed a Fire type.)


I'm going to stop the post right here, I said that I would battle Fern this post, but a lot happened today, so I had to shorten it. Next post will actually be the battle against Fern and doing some events and grinding around Obsidia. I screwed up a lot here with 3 deaths this post, but at least I came around near the end.

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Part 6: 


While grinding up the team, Ducklett hatches from it's egg.


Grace (Ducklett) - Ability: Hydration, Relaxed Nature


We also go up against two Meteor grunts impersonating the Daycare Couple, we ended up losing Jemima (Espurr) to Crabrawler's Pursuit, but we did end up getting a Seel egg, a Spoink and a Happiny out of it.


R.I.P Jemima (Espurr) Lvl 19


Wilbur (Spoink) - Ability: Thick Fat, Timid Nature


Joy (Happiny) - Ability: Natural Cure, Naive Nature


After grinding up the team and getting Wilbur and Grace up to speed, we go up against Fern, who blocks the way to Florinia's arena. I got really unlucky as Big Boi (Grotle) got flinched a lot by Sandile, while I did try to recover from my bad luck, I ended up losing my team to Fern.


I would use the Pokemon in my PC to replace my dead team, but most are them aren't good against Grass types, so I'll have to forfeit this challenge. Still, I did pretty good, it was only because I got really unlucky that I lost this challenge.

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