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What do u think of my team

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so I'm just starting up a new game and I've designed the team I think I will use just wondering what u think of the team 


Sunny day 

Heat wave 

Air slash 

Brick break 


Leafeon with crest: 

Swords dance 

Leaf blade 


Sunny day 


Oricorio with crest :

Revelation dance

Air slash 


Helping hand 




Flash cannon 

Thunder wave 

Hidden power ice



High jump kick/ brick break idk which one 

Ice punch 

Zen headbutt 



Muk alola: 

Gunk shot 

Knock off 

Rock tomb 

Poisen gas

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Regarding Charizard, you could replace Brick Break with Solar Beam, especially if your Charizard has its hidden ability and you plan on using a Sunny Day themed strategy. 

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Well, overall it is a fine team, but magnezone can suffer from the fact that fire type moves are stronger during sunny weather, (as well as leafeon to some extent, but due to chlorophyll ability it doesn't really matter)
I'd suggest using a mon that benefits from weakening of the water type moves due to sunny weather
Also maybe you can replace oricorio's hurricane with icy wind or hidden power, depending on it's IVs, dunno

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