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V12 "Quick" Story Summary (Spoilers)

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First things first obvious spoiler warning. 


Secondly, I am writing this mostly from memory so I may make some errors, please let me know if you see any mistakes. I believe it is mostly correct but I might have made some errors in placement of events. This guide is also only for the main story not side quests (So it brings me great shame that this guide wont be covering the best character in the entire game; Goomink). Also, there will likely be grammatical mistakes, sorry about that.


The point of this guide is to help people who need to remember what happened in the story between versions or who just want a refresher. I did not see anything else like this on the site, so I thought I would right one up, after all I like this game quite a bit, so why not? This guide won’t go too in-depth and is mostly just a “quick” reminder. Additionally, this game sometimes makes you make choices, these usually don’t ultimately matter but for simplicities sake I will be just going over one of the choice. If you would like me to include a separate choice more in-depth please let me know and outline what happens in that choice.


I have also tried to split this up into the respective badges, but, again may make mistakes in placement of events, so please be aware of that.


Lastly, the 100% guide was helpful for a few events that I was not sure of the placement of, so shoutout to them.


Anyway, here it is...


Badge 1.



The prologue starts with a young girl being sacrificed by her father, what a lovely start!


We then cut to the MC on a ship with their mother, Nancy. The ship is attacked by Nastasia of Team Xen and the MC is teleported away by a mystery women, who is later shown to be Crescent. The MC is able to escape thanks to Tesla, but nobody else does.


After the MC gets their Pokemon they are asked to find Melia by Professor Jenner, who is working with a mysterious person with red hair. Before the MC can find her, they need to meet Venam first, who takes them to meet Melia. Melia asks the MC to come with them to route 1, after hanging out with her for a bit, the pair is attacked by Team Xen, who want to kidnap Melia. The MC is given a snag machine to catch shadow Pokemon, and eventually comes face to face with Zetta, an Admin of Team Xen.


After besting Zetta, the MC most fight the first dimensional rift mon, after beating it, the pair return to find the city overran with Team Xen grunts. The pair go to the lab only to find that Madelis an admin of Team Xen is there. Melia manages to escape using teleport and Madelis leaves to give chase. Unfortunately for Jenner, he does not have a good time, as Crescent shows up and abducts him. She warns the MC to stay out of this.


The MC is forced to fight Venam in a gym battle so that they can go after Melia, who ran off to route 2. Once the MC wins they get the first badge.



Badge 2. 




After getting to Route 2, the MC is pranked by a psychic named Nim, who becomes friends with the MC. Upon entering Amethyst Cave, the group (Ren, Venam and the MC) meets a mysterious stranger who tells them where Melia went. 


When they get to the dead end that Melia went towards, they learn that Melia was killed by a Garvantuala, Zetta angered that he can now not capture Melia sends a dimensional rift upon the group. After defeating the rift Pokemon, Crescent shows up once again and kidnaps Zetta, she once again tells the MC to stay out of this. The party parts ways, having failed to save Melia, both Ren and Venam vow to get stronger.


The player than meets the mysterious man again, and they ask the MC to meet them in the nearby village. At the entrance to the village the MC meets Aelita and the Elder of the village who are arguing about how the village leader is not doing what he is meant to. Aelita storms off to confront him. When the MC gets there, it is revealed that the village leader is actually the mysterious stranger, Keta, and the second gym leader. He tells the MC that if they go to a special place hidden in Amethyst cave, they might be able to bring their friend back.


Upon doing so, the MC meets a different version of Keta who tells the player that using the Soul Stone they might be able to save their friend, they also tell the MC that Keta is with Team Xen. However, when you take the stone to the site of Melia’s death, nothing happens. Upon your return to the village Keta and beating Keta in battle, he storms off to a place hidden behind a waterfall in the village, a secret team Xen base, HEY WHERES MY BADGE?!?


Aelita follows and accompanies the player but is later captured by Madelis, at this point Keta accompanies the MC to save Aeltia, as it turns out he was working for Team Xen but has had a change of heart. After you reach the end you and Keta fight Madelis and his shadow Mewtwo, after defeating him, Keta sacrifices himself to save you and Aelita, who is, his daughter, from Mewtwo.


The pair go to find the generator to destroy the base, a battle with a rift Pokemon ensues. After the battle, Crescent shows up once again and abducts Madelis, then she teleports the MC and Aelita out. One week later, the MC reappears in the village, but not before magically appearing in the middle of a team Xen admin meeting. The MC then goes and fights ghost Keta for the second badge.



Badge 3. 



After this, the MC travels to Goldenleaf town with Aelita, unfortunately, Ren shows up and blocks the players way. He is from Goldenleaf a very xenophobic town, and he wants to change the town. Thus, he puts up a fence to prevent the MC from progressing, as he wants to change the town first.


The MC seeks the aid of Venam to melt the fence and ends up in a strange mansion in the sewers. Venam and the party are kidnapped by the mansion owner, Indriad. He seems to recognize the MC for some reason. However, his daughter Marinette who looks oddly like Melia, saves the MC. Together the pair save all of the MC’s friends. At the same time the MC can optionally encounter Anju, who will become more important later, but right now she is a prisoner of Indriad. 


After saving all of your friends and beating Marinette in a battle for the third badge, the lord double crosses you and decides to sacrifice all of you anyway. However, Marinette uses her magical powers to save the party and punish her father for his deeds.



Badge 4.



With Venam’s help the MC is able to get into Goldenleaf town, after saving a kid named Mosely from some thugs, the player is able to meet the leader of the town, Narcissa, and regroup with Aelita. The three decide to think of a strategy to end the Xenophobia of the town, however, just then Geara, an Admin of Team Xen attacks, the player, framing them for attacking Aelita and Narcissa. The player is thrown in jail, but is saved by Mosely.


The MC and Mosely follow Geara to Wispy tower where he releases Giratina, which was sealed beneath the tower. After defeating him, he tries to escape but Narcissa catches him with Dusclops. Somehow, he is later taken by Crescent, that or he was simply sent to the same place by Narcissa.


The player proceeds through the Goldenleaf Gym and runs into Ren at the end. He wants to challenge Narcissa first, so he can change the town he loves. After the MC crushes his dreams he runs off, and encounters Crescent who recruits him for… something. The MC beats Narcissa and gets another badge.


Badge 5.



The player later continues their journey and meets Nim again, after beating them Nim warns them to not go into Akuwa town, as something bad is happening there. The player and Aelita do this anyway and are captured by Team Xen and taken to Blackstepe Castle. The MC there meets Saki, Valarie, Adam and a talking Braxien and the group plans their escape, unfortunetly, Aelita has been taken by the lord of the castle, so she will need to be rescued.


Meanwhile, a mysterious individual (this game really loves these) appears and joins the guards of the castle. Eventually, the group learns that the leader of Team Xen is coming and that they need to get out quickly, soon after, the group runs into the MC’s mother who is held prisoner in the castle, as it turns out this is where they took all the people from the ship.


The group manages to cause a jailbreak and, in an attempt, to free Aelita, the MC goes to confront the leader of the prison, Nevel. Aelita was apparently already freed by the mysterious individual, and the two take down Nevel together. Just then, Madame X appears with her giant Y bird and completely wrecks the MC (unless you abuse quick guard lol). The MC regroups with their friends (including Nim who shows up to save the MC and Aelita from a nasty fall) and mother, but Madame X comes at them with a sword. Nancy sacrifices herself to save her child, the MC, and just then the mysterious figure reveals themselves as Melia and saves the party from Madame X, the party has Madame X at their mercy, what will they do? They run away and don’t finish her off of course! Nice one guys...


Anyway, the MC and everyone is happy to see Melia alive and they escape on a ship. They find themselves on Terajuma Island for some reason, even though they should be back at the mainland. Saki gets tossed somewhere into the Jungle and the party goes to look for them.


On the party’s way through the Jungle, and the MC fights Valarie so they can get surf, and the badge to use it.



Badge 6.



Nim is suddenly turned to stone and Jenner, Geara and Zetta appear out of portal, they abduct Nim and say that Melia needs to meet them on Valor Mountain if they want Nim back. The party goes towards Valor Mountain and finds out that they need magma drift to get into the mountain.


The MC needs more badges to use magma drift so they need to find Crawli, the 6th gym leader, they go his secret spot and find a team Xen base there. Ren is there also, having apparently joined Team Xen, and is shocked to see that Melia is alive, muttering that he was lied to. He runs off and his confronted by the MC at the end of the facility, after thrashing him, the MC finds Crawli, who has just been beaten by Nastasia and is later able to challenge him to a battle for the 6th badge.



Badge 7.



Sometime around this, Venam shows up and is ecstatic to see that Melia is alive and well. The party heads to Telia resort where a gym supposedly lies, however, the leader, Amber, refuses to fight the MC.


Then they are kidnapped by Madelis, who had Melia and the MC knocked out but instead of capturing them decides to just tell the MC to bring Melia to him instead, what a genius. Tesla, Amber’s mother and a member of the Elite 8, goes after Madelis.


While wondering what to do, the MC get a letter magical transported to them by a women named Angie, who is spoken of by others as being bad news and a complete psycho. She states that she is the gym leader of Kristiline town and offer to fight the MC. The party has no choice but to go there, unfortunately, she is only allowing the MC, Venam and Melia to come. The three go find her and see that the town is completely frozen over, apparently by Angie, when the party tries to get the Magma Drift TM, Angie freezes over the shop. The party goes to where Angie is an confirms their suspicions that she is a psycho, she is also seemingly the same person as Anju who the player meet in the weird mansion, interesting...


She kidnaps Melia and Venam and plans to sacrifice them to Arceus. The MC manages to save them (and witnesses Melia unleashing a strange power) and then the MC defeats Angie in battle, who is then frozen by the real ice type leader (I am sure this won’t be a problem later...) He gives the MC the badge as thanks for stopping Angie. 



Badge 8.



The player then learns that they need a magma stone to unthaw out the TM shop, they go to get one with Aelita, meanwhile Melia runs off on her own. Aelita and the MC eventually find the temple where the magma stone is, but Cera who follows Angie got there first. Aelita stays behind to open the door, while the MC and the elder give chase. By the time they get there Cera has just beaten the guardian of the stone, a Groudon, and sicks it on the MC.


After being bested, Cera takes the Elder hostage and demands the stone, the elder tells they player to refuse. This story guide will be assuming the player did not give Cera the stone, if you did give her the stone then things play out slightly differently but the player is still able to get magma drift. Anyway, Cera rushes the player and rips off half of the stone and runs away. The MC and Elder then find that Aelita fell victim to an ancient curse (from opening a door...) and is basically dead now… Cera eventually uses the stone to unthaw Angie resurrecting her once more… well this will be a problem for later MC, since we have more important things to do then stop and evil ice witch from coming back!


The MC goes to the mountain with the badge and magma drift, and saves Madelis, Amber and Tesla from a Kyorge that is just chilling there, and part way up the mountain they encounter Crescent again, she attempts to murder a team Xen member but is stopped by Saki. Crescent then teleports herself and Saki and pals away, leaving just the MC, Venam and Melia to deal with the problem.


Upon getting to the top and beating Geara and Zetta, Jenner tries to redeem himself by betraying Team Xen, unfortunately this does not work and both Nim and Jenner take a nice bath in the lava. The MC soon also has a nice warm bath in the lava, whoops, guess this is where the credits roll?


Not quite, Crescent suddenly shows up and saves the MC and gives them a second chance, but once again tells them to stop getting involved. The MC returns and everyone is shocked that by the plot armor MC’s return. Crescent then shows up and steals the MC’s thunder by turning Zetta into his original form, a Solosis that was a clone of Melia and by pushing Geara into the teleporter and then destroying it which shattered him into thousands of pieces, brutal. A cutscene is then shown of Crescent with Nim, who somehow survived being dropped into lava and Crescent recruits Nim for… something… The MC is then able to get the 8th badge from Amber.



Badge 9. 



Venam, Melia and MC then travel back in time (like wat) and go to the region before it was destroyed by some calamity. There they learn that when Melia faked her death she spent three years here training, alongside a boy named Kanon who seems to have a thing for Melia. This group is called the Stormchasers and they want to prevent another apocalyptical event from happening in the Present. As it turns out, Crescent was also once part of this group, or is currently part of it, time travel is werid...


Venam and MC happen upon the same mansion they found earlier in the story, however, the lord Vitus, does not seem to be a complete psycho yet… Unfortunately, the MC soon overhears Gardevoir conspiring to make her master evil. After this, the MC can find a special book in a basement that details how to save rift Pokemon, this story guide will assume you took the book and use it whenever possible, altogether it currently does not seem to matter that much.


This plan works and Vitus' wife is killed right in front of him, he then turns into the worst person ever. Venam and the MC break into the mansion and find a secret ritual room, the wife of the mansion lords spirt is sucked into the soul stone that the MC got earlier, and she asks the MC to save her daughter. The MC can try to do this or save a cop, but it ultimately doesn’t matter.


Kanon is also there and tries to double cross Gardevoir to protect Melia, saying that a women in armor tipped him off, wonder who that is… but this doesn’t work and he is seemingly killed by her. The MC and Venam escape having learned of the plot to destroy the city, they regroup with Kanon who is still alive and try to find the bomber but regardless of what you do the party is too late and dies. Then the credits roll… what a sad ending.


Suddenly, Madame X appears and rewinds time, it seems she was meddling with stuff here and tells you where the bomber is. The player gets a second chance and alongside Kanon saves the day from the bomber. Upon picking up the bomb Kanon is flung forward in time by Timpeia a magical entity that can control time and one of the beings that saved Melia, the other being Spacia, but who cares about them, they only control space!


The party goes back to the present to try and find Kanon and heads towards the Western city which is under a crisis of some sort of smog that knocks people out. The party finds that the source of this fog is a rift Pokemon, Garbodor who the party encountered way earlier in the game. The party chases Garbodor down and finds Kanon unconscious, the bomb is nowhere to be found! It seems to the Garbodor grabbed it as a power source to rebuild itself. If the player took the rift book, they can present it here to save Garbodor, regardless, after besting Garbodor and getting your next badge from the gym, the party (MC, Melia, Venam and Kanon) heads towards GDC.



Badge 10.



On the way there the train is stopped as someone tampered with the tracks, one of the passengers, Alexandra, had a vision of it, she also seems to look oddly like Nim, they are apparently looking for their sibling…


The party goes on foot to GDC and finds the ruins of Saki’s machine that she had on the mountains, but no Saki and friends… they also finds that the bridge to GDC is out, while looking for someone to fix the bridge the MC heads off to the nearby forest, and Kanon is sent by Alexandra on a special quest.


Around this time, the party meets Flora and Florin of GDC who claim to have meet the MC in GDC before.


While in the forest the player learns that a women named Flora is part of some secret organization and his up to no good. Following her and her brother Florin will result in the three falling into a cave, where they meet Erin, who mentions they were looking for Aelita! The four of you decide to split up to find a way out. If you go with Erin or Florin you get a chance to expose Flora as being part of the terrorist organization bladestar, but you can also not do that or even join bladestar. This choice ultimately does not seem to matter, but this guide will assume that you went with Erin and exposed Flora for simplicity.


After escaping the cave Flora is arrested (or not in some cases) and the player gets a new badge from fighting Flroin/Flora!



Badge 11.


The party then goes to GDC, and gets their vaccines (which are in some cases unique to each person) and once again the clerk recognizes the MC as having been to GDC before. Soon after the party meets Rhodea who invites the party to stay with her. Soon after you can assist Lavender and Huey with searching Talon's apartment a gym leader that was turned to stone...


The group gets a lead that the people who are getting turned to stone get letters from someone named Nancy that tell them to go to a specific place where they are later found stoned. Nancy supposedly has a show at the Theater in GDC. When you go there you find out that it is not only Nancy, the MC's mother, that holds the show, but also the MC themselves!?! Upon seeing the real MC the two run away and Fake Nancy complains that fake MC can't transform out of their disguise for someone reason. 


The player will then be asked by Erin to come with them to meet Cassandra, the mayor of GDC. If you instead went down the Flora route earlier you will go elsewhere. Here the player is given the chance to tell Cassandra about the base in the cave. If they do so then Florin will be getting murdered, but if you choose to stay silent he will get to live. A cutscene then shows that Cassandra is working for Team Xen! From what I understand, if you side with Flora something slightly different will happen here, but, it ends up not being too important. 


The player will then meet with Venam to pick a gift for Melia, the shopkeeper hilariously being Madelis who is being punished by Madame X and Cassandra. Unfortunately that night, Venam is turned to stone and Lavender is hurt by the attacker. 


One day the party will receive some boxes that contain Karen, Allen and Allice that are initally met during some side quests, they will ask the player to go meet the Puppet Master in the Nightmare Realm. The puppet master is a mysterious figure who leaves random magic boxes for people.


Upon doing so, the player will meet Aelita who is in the Nightmare Realm, she looks completely different and explains that she became this way when she was healed by Erin’s grandfather. She ran away because they were always watching her for some reason. She heard that the Puppet Master might be able to help her. The two of you search for him and encounter Zetta in this world, he says he was brought here by the Puppet Master and battles the player, after he loses, he asks the player to tell Melia not to forget about him.


The player then fights the Puppet Master in a double battle with Aelita. After winning the Puppet Master says that the two of us most cooperate with each other or bad things will happen, how very helpful, its not like we were already doing that or anything... They also get given a badge, YAYYYYY!


Badge 12.


Regardless, Aelita asks the MC to go with her to see the people who helped her as she is too ashamed to go back alone. After going there the player needs to go find Erin and Melia again. When you do so you will visit Lavender in the hospital who will say that she was attacked by none other than Nim...


Soon Melia and Erin back at the theater where Aelita was helaed and the group travels back in time together. There they are told by Spacia and Timepia what they should do. After this they meet a younger Angie known as Anju and Vivian the first Elder of the Atelia’s home village. They learn that she plans on killing herself to save the world and decide to stop her. After succeeding in this, Erin and Aeltia vanish and the MC and Melia are thrown forward in time.


They find themselves in a doomed future, alongside Madame X, who quickly disappears. The pair joins a group of survivors, but they are quickly captured by pirates that work for a princess. The party manages to cause a jailbreak and regroups meeting Madame X. She explains that they need to travel back in time. to fix their mistakes and that the Princess has a time crystal for them to steal. She also warns Melia not to touch the Princess no matter the cost. 


The party eventually fights there way to the Princess and steals the time crystal, but, the Princess threatens to destroy the ship that is the last hope for the planet if Melia does not give the stolen time crystal back. Madame X attempts to intervene but falls into a trap door. The rest of the survivors turn on Melia and the MC and the player is given the choice of fighting Survivor Kenneth or not. After this, Melia is given a choice, this guide will assume that the Player makes the right choice and does nothing.


Melia will figure it out and state that the time crystal that they stole was merely a fake and that the real deal is hidden elsewhere, even if the Princess destroys the ship she could just travel back in time to undue the damage she did. The Princess, having her trick unmasked resorts to force using her Yveltal, to obliterate everything, the MC jumps in to protect Melia from the blast. At last Melia unleashes her true power and seems to obliterate the Princess. Somehow, the MC reappears despite being no where to be seen previously.


The world is saved and with the technology from the ship the world grows green once more. Melia and MC go with Madame X to where the time crystal is. She tells them about a process called “overlapping” which is basically where you combine with another version of yourself, Melia realizes that the Princess was another version of her, who was trying to do the very same thing. Additionally, we learn that the MC is something called the “interceptor” but Madame X wont say more than that. Melia and the MC overlap with themselves and this time allow the ritual to continue, her they learn the truth about Aelita that she is the reincarnation of Vivian.


The party returns back to the present but not before Melia tells Spacia and Timepia off for the trap they set with Vivian. Essentially, what they were trying to do is teach Melia that sometimes you have to sacrifice one life to save millions.


After this, the MC and Co. return to the present and the MC fights Souta, the man who healed Aelita, for the next badge.



Badge 13. 



After this, Aelita goes all crazy and we got another dimensional rift battle to break the curse! After managing to break the curse Aelita parts way going on a journey to rejuvenate herself in the three springs of the region.


After this, the party returns to the city and meet in a library, the MC gets kicked out, but Erin and Melia keep researching. Melia finds a file about the interceptor and learns what the interceptor really is, one who can alter fate.


During this time, the MC is teleported to the desert by some Bladestar grunts along with two acquaintances, Reina and Huey. The pair go after the grunts but are stopped by a mysterious stranger, who turns out to be Ren. Reina is shocked to see her brother but is happy to see he is okay. If you instead sided with Flora earlier things will play out differently, but you will be in the desert all the same.


The Player will then meet Alexandra again, and after a snooze will see Lavander trying to escape from the Hospital. She finds Braxien locked up in the basement, having been experimented on and her translator taken away. The two try to escape together, optionally being able to free Pokemon Satan here, but Lavender does not manage to escape, Braxien does thought. 


Alexandra then asks the MC, Ren and Ryland, who is a member of Bladestar to team up, but Ryland refuses, to team up with Team Xen, who destroyed his home.


Ren and the MC go together alongside Huey and Reina toward Zone Zero to deal with a rift that is creating sandstorms. Right before they can reach Zone Zero, they encounter another mysterious stranger, this time on some sort of surfboard. He teleports the party into the past.


We now get to play as Melia, who is researching the Interceptor. She discovers just what the Interceptor is and has a battle against Erin. The Interceptor is one who can go against and alter fate...


In the past the MC and Co. encounter Nymeria, who is spoken of in legend she is the ancestor of Alexandra. She explains the history of the world and we also meet Kanon once again. As it turns out, he is a servant of Nymeria, which is why he is willing to serve Alexandra in the Present. Nymeria calls the main character by a strange name as if they know the MC as someone else, the main character runs off after this, and refuses to reenter the building. The MC goes north of the town, where they suddenly have a vision and fall to the ground, now we get to play as Ren for a bit! Ren goes and finds the MC and sees the surfer man who seemingly attacked the MC by making them remember stuff? Regardless he battles them to save the MC, then he takes the MC to the hospital afterwards. 


Ren then somehow gets a call from his boss Nastasia event thought he is in the past, who asks him to go to a office building and steal some files. On the way, Ren meets and teams up with Anastasia, who is quite clearly a younger Nastasia. After getting the files, Ren goes and looks for the evil mansion owners base along with Nymeria and Co. and they enter the base together. Around now, the MC wakes up and gives chase. They eventually encounter rift gardavoir who has just finished kicking the ass of Ren. After defeating Gardavoir she tries to pull out her ultimate move, but her master calls her useless and she basically dies of sadness. Who would have thought that if you turn your master into an uncaring psychopath that he wont care for you... The party then leaves at the urging of Nymeria and goes back to the present.


The MC and Ren have a battle and Ren explains to the MC why they joined Team Xen, it was because Crescent asked him to as a spy, tricking him into thinking it might help bring Melia back. After the battle you can return to the city. After a tournament arc, the MC gets their 13th badge, it is against Adam, but he doesn’t recognize the MC?!



Badge 14.



During the tournament, Melia and Erin went to a building that team bladestar is planning on blowing up, this happens sometime after Flora escapes from her trial, apparently security sucks here, this scene will change slightly depending on an earlier choice, that being whether the MC told Cassandra about the base or not, but it honestly does not change by much. Similarly if Flora was never exposed she naturally will not need to break out of jail.


Melia lucky forgot her invite and had to run back for it but Erin, Allen and Allice were not so lucky, and is caught in the blast. Melia encounters Amanda during this time, who works for the league, she appears a few other times but is unimportant until now. 


Anyway, the MC comes out of the tournament and meets up with Ren, Natasia and Aelita, Nataisa somehow managed to pull three of the people who were at the place that exploded out of the hospital and wants to take them to the spring of life which she believes could save them. She wants to do this as Team Xen needs Melia alive and they believe that she is currently dying in a pod. The group decides to work together to go the Pyramid in Zone Zero where the Spring of Life is, they party ends up having stowaways, in Adam and Braxien!  Sadly, Braxien can no longer talk as it lost its communication device, but it recognized Adam even thought he does not seemed to remember her.


The path to the Pyramid is unfortunately, it is guarded by team Bladestar, which delays the parties progress. The group soon realizes that Zone Zero is the same city they were in before where they meet Nymeria, but in ruins. Soon after, they encounter Nim here now under a new name, as it turns out they are the ones turning people to stone, they believe that only the MC tried to save them, another lie feed by Crescent… After the MC beats them, they run away. Soon after this, Rhodea finds a box from the Puppet Master which contains... something, whatever it is causes her to run off... somewhere... 


Meanwhile, it turns out Melia was kidnapped by Amanda, Madelis shows up and saves her for whatever reason and the two defeat Amanda who is actually a robot. She states as she is “dying” that they have been watching the MC for a long time, interesting. Melia learns where the party is and goes after them.


Back to the party, they soon find the Rift Mon responsable for the sandstorms, and beat it. If you showed the rift book, you can save the cute little thing, but otherwise, do what you must.


The party will soon reach the Pyramid and will meet Allen and Allice inside, which is odd since they are supposed to be dying in life support pods right now. Regardless the group works together to get through the Pyramid until Allice goes a bit crazy, but her brother eventually talks her down.


When the party reaches the top of the Pyramid they encounter Ryland who has been “magically” possessed by Flora, the party defeats her and saves the day? Or do they? For suddenly, Madame X, the Surfer Dude and a red haired lady show up. Aelita having the memories from her reincarnations knows that the red haired lady has killed her in the past. She warns the group that the red haired lady can make illusions and then battle ensues. Regardless of the result of the battle the MC and their friends get their asses kicked and beaten up. Madame X prepares to take the jewel of life, but then suddenly Braxien evolves, as it turns out they are a special Braxien that is super strong when they evolve, something about special crystals or something. Anyway, Braxien becomes Delpha. Delpha and Adam take down the red haired lady.


Melia then makes haste to go the Pyrmaid and shows up just in time to help fight off the bad guys. The party then revives the people in the pods who are actually Erin, Allen and Allice. It is revealed that Erin is Melia’s sister, then the four of them form a weird symbol thing with their magic powers. What does it do? Who knows! Ryland also gives the player his badge so sweet badge 14! Around this time Flora is arrested (hopefully she stays that way this time) and Cassandra is revealed to have somehow survived the bombing...



Post Badge 14.


Now that Braxien has evolved into Delpha she can speak freely again. She tells the party about the evil stuff that is happening in the hospital and the party goes to stop it. Long story short the doctor is a psychopath obsessed with immortality and he is part of Team Xen.


After you beat him he is arrested but he states that his “gift” will soon come… Soon after Venam reappears, it turns out that she was also taken by Team Xen to test if the water could destone people, she reunites with Melia, YAY!


And that is the end of the story so far. If I missed anything important or just have wrong information please let me know.

Thanks for reading this and I hope it helped as a recap tool!

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I'm pretty sure you got everything."Quick" is a good description as it took me an hour to read instead of the 110 it took to finish V12.

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6 hours ago, Aariq said:

Also,Who's Goomnik?

If you go to a dive spot in the Honec Woods you can meet the best character in the entire game. There is a pretty lengthy side quest involving them. I should also say I meant RIP like sad for them that I wont cover it, not to imply that they die, FYI, edited the main post to reflect this.


EDIT: From what I understand you need to do a lot of sidequests to open this up. Specifically all of the Neo City Help Center Quests and fight the new Poison Leader. So do that first if you have not.

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1 hour ago, pizzagod13 said:

If you go to a dive spot in the Honec Woods you can meet the best character in the entire game. There is a pretty lengthy side quest involving them. I should also say I meant RIP like sad for them that I wont cover it, not to imply that they die, FYI, edited the main post to reflect this.


EDIT: From what I understand you need to do a lot of sidequests to open this up. Specifically all of the Neo City Help Center Quests and fight the new Poison Leader. So do that first if you have not.

No,I meant you spelled his name wrong,It's 'Goomink' not 'Goomnik'.And yes,He is the best derpy boi.


I mean,what kind of idiot who plays and has finished Rejuv V12 doesn't know who Goomink is.

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2 hours ago, Aariq said:

No,I meant you spelled his name wrong,It's 'Goomink' not 'Goomnik'.And yes,He is the best derpy boi.


I mean,what kind of idiot who plays and has finished Rejuv V12 doesn't know who Goomink is.

Yeah I noticed I spelled it wrong. Have fixed it since then lol

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