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Can someone trade me a Marill/Azurill/Azumarill?

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1 minute ago, Kixur said:

Sure thing! Give me a minuet and I'll get you an egg

wow thank you, so amazing. you already know im about to use dis huge power girl 

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3 minutes ago, Kixur said:

Eh, it's fine XD I don't mind at all! I might use Shared Box to move it to a different file and EVOverflow it to fix up the attack stat.

nice! also it seems like ur pretty skillful and know what ur doing but u also included a leftovers with my new little baby. if that was on purpose omg thanks (but also know i do have it lol) Also comparatively my dumbass just uses brute force to grind out pokemon to 31 ivs and u know i be slaughtering noibats to get those evs.

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