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I need help beating Marionette

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So I've been stuck on Marionette for about 2 weeks now.
The closest run I've had was when I managed to take down her Stantler with Brionne and her Chatot with Raichu and her Girafarig with Litten but I can't get past her Bewear no matter how hard I try.
I even tried using Mr. Mime to get a Reflect up but it just shatters it with Brick Break.


My team:


Brionne lv 30

-Bubble Beam


-Icy Wind

-Disarming Voice


Pancham lv 30

- Work Up

- Karate Chop

- Slash

- Cut


Litleo lv 30

- Endeavor

- Flame Charge

- Fire Fang

- Take Down


Raichu lv 30

- Thunder Shock

- Thunder Wave

- Sweet Kiss

- Nasty Plot


Sandslash lv 25 (That I keep just for a chance to heal :p)

- Fury Cutter

- Magnitude

- Rock Smash

- Sand Tomb


Mr. Mine lv 25

- Reflect

- Light Screen

- Psybeam

- Mimic


Any suggestions?

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I just beat her on hard mode on the first try... (actually second, maybe, one of those two). Speed EV trained Qwilfish with Rollout, Toxic Spikes, Spikes and Minimize. I just avoided all her attacks and let poison and rollout scaling damage do the work. It turned out easy enough. I mean, I had all my other team members fainted by that point, so it's not necessarily a walk in the park, but it worked. First time ever I had no need to go back and switch to easy mode for her.


Other then that.... yeah. I got no other advice. She's hard. Very, very much so.


Oddly, she doesn't have Chatot in Intense, and that thing is usually a struggle for me.


Maybe train a Lycanroc? Those always make fights a little easier.

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Use Curse or Ominous Wind to convert the blessed field to the haunted field. She's easy then. Not only does she lose her Ghost immunity but Ghosts now do super effective damage to her. 

With Xatu, that's how I did it. I ended up getting 2 OW boosts by the time I got to Bewear so Air Slash one-shot it. 


I'm not sure if you can leave the Marble Mansion at this point as I never had the need but Natu can be found in Amethyst Cave and learn OW. 


If you don't have anything that can use Curse or OW and are unable to leave the Marble Mansion, then I've got nothing. Sorry. 

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since Im pretty sure youre able to leave the mansion at that point, you should go pick up a solrock in amethyst cave. its got some pretty good use on the field if you bulk it up with cosmic power. it helped me a lot in that fight

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psychic and fairy types do very well especially against the bewear i used sylveon espeon also works chimeco and swoobat can beat the bewear and if u dont wanna switch up the team maybe save a strong special attacker for the bewear

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