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The reason why you don't have any legendaries so far is for balancement purpose, the majority of legendaries have broken high stats, that would make the game way too easy, every location is crafted in a way that it's challenging but fair, hence why you can't catch legendaries or even OP pokemons like Lucario that early in the game, they are usually posted late in the game or via some event that is only available after a certain condition is met, like @kingarv said, the only legendaries you can get are Silvally and Zygard and both of those are end game, in fact, you can only get Zygard in the very end of the v13 by finding and collecting all cells and then cores.
Jan already said he will make a way to be able to catch ALL Pokemon, legendaries included, when he finishes the game as they slowly be available to be caught in the next versions (Probably depending on how balance they are).

8 hours ago, Goblino_Tinkerer said:

cringe. shoulda let us catch shadow mewtwo

The whole point of Rejuvenation is that it's challenging, being able to catch Mewtwo this early (before even the second badge) would defeat the whole purpose of this game.. Mewtwo is one of the strongest Legendaries in the whole series, you shouldn't expect to get something this broken that early to begin with.. Even the legendaries you can catch by the end of v13 are nothing compared to Mewtwo.. (There's also the fact that he's also used on the plot later on as well)

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12 minutes ago, Goblino_Tinkerer said:

yea? make him super nerfed until you like unlock his power or something

.. Now you are asking the dev to go out of his way to essentially make a second version of Mewtwo just to capitulate to your wishes of owning one this early.. If Jan had to create a extra plot to "unlock a lengendaries powers" just so you can own one early then this game development would become even slower than what already is since he would had to create an entire "new" pokemon using the same sprites but with different status and think of a whole plot to explain the "super nerfed" version and how to unlock his power.. And even if he does, Mewtwo is still waaay to strong even in the absolute end game, hence why he is in the Uber tier..

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