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Some custom shinnies I made & want to contribute too anyone who wants too use them.


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Before I share these next 2 I want to establish that neither of the front sprites were made by me; they were made by a user named bazaro in a thread called reborn mega sprites; though they were missing back sprites & I liked these so much I decided to make back sprites for them; though I will share the front sprites too (for better context) all the credit goes to the user bazaro.





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This is just a WIP of mine but I've always felt that any mega metagross back sprite I could find online just didn't do the insanely badassely designed pokemon justice. I've been working on one of my own for a few hours yesterday & another few today & was also wondering if anyone decided they wanted to make some tweaks to it (because my work is no where near flawless in this one) they can take the full credit I'd just really like to see the persons work. Anyway here is my megagross back sprite WIP (not a shiny recolor this time). (The 2nd one is another attempt with a different upper right front limb)



(Update: Did some more work I think these next more recent 2 might be a little bit better)



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