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Glitch when attacking in certain cave fields.

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Hey this is my 1st time posting here & was hoping I could possibly get some help; Whenever I attack in a crystal cavern (I think it's called) field I get an error message & skip my turn with 1 pp deducted from my selected move then it's my opponents turn to attack same thing happens after that it's forever my turn & every time I click an attack the same thing happens; I was still able to complete the game (I am playing version 18.4.1) But because of this I am unable to do certain side quests (like the one where you fight a level 95 volcarona & get a larvesta) & If I go into the certain field (like the one in the cave under reborn city) & encounter a diglett or dugtrio with arena trap I end up softlocking myself; I also had alot of trouble completing the teknite cave part because of this. I should also add that this particular problem for me started pretty late game so earlier on I didn't encounter these issues until I was nearing the end of the game. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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