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I talked with the guy in elevator before speaking with maxwell now he wont let me get the oshawott. What should I do?

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Upload your save file and I, or someone else who sees it first, can fix it.


If you have a recent save from before talking to them you can also try going back using those instructions and restarting the questline.




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2 hours ago, Kishan said:

I dont have a recent save before talking to maxwell. Also I am playing on ubuntu, do you want me to share the lastsave.dat file.

LastSave.dat 3 B · 0 downloads

game.rxdata is the one your looking for
Try searching here:
 /home/[username]/.local/share/Pokemon Reborn/Game.rxdata

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3 hours ago, Kishan said:

Can anyone fix the file that I shared??

Yeah, its an easy fix. I just haven't had my computer on me. You should be fine to give the application to Maxie now.




Put that file where the old one was, make sure it overwrites the original.


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