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Trade Request

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Hey y'all, I need some help. 

I'm looking for a few Pokemon:

- Omanyte

- Kabuto

- Azurill

- Lunatone

- Lileep

- Anorith

- Pancham

- Tyrunt

- Amaura

Natures/IVs don't matter, just need them for Dex purposes. 

I have every other pokemon save for these few, so I can try and give you whatever you want in return. 

(Also yes, I have TERRIBLE luck with fossils, pls don't mock me)


My online account name is Zedus, and thanks in advance for your help!


Edit: This request has been fulfilled, thank you SO much to Kixur!

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I'm more then happy to help you out with everything, but I'll need a bit of time to breed them all. I have a few fossils that I'm going to attach to some of the Pokemon just to speed things up a bit.


EDIT: Alright, I've got six Pokemon and three fossils ready for you! Let me know when you want them!

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