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Who is the strongest boss battle?

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Many people say that


(Spoilers for v12)


The Ryland Flora battle iss the hardest battle in the game, but is it really so?

I mean, His team can be taken out by a gud weather team with hard hitting mons

And then there's Souta, whose is supposed to be strongest

But expect for monotype run with no access to dig or smack

I know his battle starts with You can't hit his Pokemon supereffectively with moves super effective against the flying type, but cave field make him easy af

And then there are the puppets with them being absolute nightmares with bulk and strength

And tbh, I did have trouble with them


And finally there is (Spoilers for v12)






She was an absolute nightmare for me

That stupid aromatisse, so damn resistant to dying and setting up trick room whenever it got the chance

That battle was

Extremely difficult in which I had to use my lycanroc's rock slide and walrein's Blizzard to flich and freeze the trick room setters to death

She was a nightmare to battle, honestly


So, what're your guys opinion on the strongest boss in the game our of these three?

My pick is definitely the last one

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In my case the hardest was, without any doubt, Lorna. I had a really bad time beating her in my 1st run (saved the game 3 times to make sure I wouldn't need to fight her again).

In this same run I also had to train a lot and try many different strategies against Rift: Angelus (Gardevoir).

However, in my second run I bested both with "ease".


Note: I played both these runs in casual mode xD. I am way to scared to try the normal mode after beating Reborn.

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Well I'll let ya on a little secret

11 minutes ago, Nox Omen said:

saved the game 3 times to make sure I wouldn't need to fight her again

Three times is nothing to my 15 times

She just that difficult

And as for AoD,

I uh


Used Debug to get Decimation

That fite was just too hard


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(all considering intense + no items/set mode)

lorna was disappointing, but my team did have a really good matchup vs her

(also everyone says zetta+geara is the hardest but i found them to be very easy)


ryland was hard because i had no true strat (then i 2 tried it with ditto)

aod was the only fight which required cheese strats (destiny bond inkay), so i'd say it's the hardest (if i had misty terrain sylveon or something along those lines it could've been easier i guess)

angie was also the hardest leader, again i didn't have any strat so that hurt me definitely

keta 2 was also as hard as aod and angie, again might have been a lack of strategy but i doubt it was (at the very least couldn't only have been that)

souta was hard as well, i had a bit of luck with circumstances (had alolan raichu + luxray in my pc) so if the situation was any different he could be the hardest (also could count as cheese since i did change terrain)

puppet masters gave me a lot of trouble too, but again maybe it was my fault that i didn't strategize at all

vivian was also an interesting fight. not on the level of all of those but it did take me a while as well, that florges was pretty annoying

finally special shoutouts to adam, if i didn't use the greninja glitch i'd probably have struggled a bit more


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Lorna is extremely easy with Psychic types of your own. +2/+2 Calm Mind is busted as hell. I led Sylveon + Gardevoir and 6-0'd. Definitely a fight that can be hard without a plan, though.


Ryland was probably the hardest of the gym leaders, partially thanks to him literally just cheating (pretty sure Torterra has over 1000 total EVs invested, and the rest of his team is illegal too). Valarie was also some trouble at first but once I stopped risking Waterfall flinches turn 1 and started baiting Bounce instead it was pretty easy.


Special shoutouts to Geara for having every single one of their fights be hard.


Rift Gardevoir is more a fight that feels "unfair" than "challenging." Beating it without Endeavor or similar cheese strats is near-impossible, and beating it with them is pathetically easy. No other rift is anywhere near as disgustingly strong (Dufaux, I guess, but they're far less offensively oriented and you're taking them on 12v6), nor are any others quite as polarizing.


Zetta + Geara is the hardest battle in the game very consistently for me. Nothing really steamrolls them; the most advantage you'll get is Cave Field + Stealth Rock but you need to dedicate 2 teamslots to getting that up at all, and with how fast and smashy their mons are it's probably a suicide play for both. The best strategy is to play their game and just get kills as fast as possible, and god knows Melia won't help you with that.


Novae (the 2nd and 3rd encounters) are also both incredibly difficult for when you're intended to fight them, since they're so goddamn overleveled (they're overleveled for the 4th fight too but by that point you're in your 80s and it doesn't matter anymore). If you wait for one more badge before taking on those fights they're manageable.


Vivian was the 3rd fight I found exceptionally difficult, but unlike Zetta + Geara you aren't burdened by an awful multi-battle partner and unlike Novae 3 you aren't 7-8 levels under them, which makes it a lot less frustrating.


Those mechanical things (the Magneton, Golurk, Sigilyph and Claydol lookalikes) in Eclysia Pyramid were obnoxious as hell. Unclear typing, stats, movepools and abilities made it a complete guessing game on what I should actually even use on them, and 2 sets had to be fought with Ren and Aelita's teams which was just awful. They weren't particularly hard, just super unfun to figure out.


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I barely remember Lorna, and didn't realise so many people had trouble with her. I think I reset once or twice to beat her because my lead was bad. I don't even remember her team.


Zetta+Geara are probably second hardest for me. I reset three times due to picking the wrong lead. 



However, the hardest fight is without a doubt Ryland. Up until him I had little trouble in Rejuv. 


Fuck Ryland.


I had to make a whole new rain team in order to beat him. Had to fully train up a Pelipper with Drizzle and caught a Horsea with Swift Swim just for this battle. His team is straight up unfair. Even with this new rain team that I made to beat him I still had to reset once. This is after I reset at least 10 times with a team of pokemon that I made that already had an advantage over his. Keep in mind all of my Pokemon have proper EV, IVs, and natures.  When I beat him I ran around my house for five minutes because of how happy I was that I actually beat him. 




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Well, Zetta-Geara are the standard hellish bosses on their own due to the MC having to battle basically at 1vs2 the whole battle.

I also found myself a little bit against the ropes when fighting Erin


As Melia, actually, bc her team is all special based and Erin's Florges has a TON of Sp. Def plus the double Leftovers bug.


In the gym leader variety I think late-game leaders are more easily countered bc we've got access to more pokémon, but I found Marianette to be what it's called a Wake-up-call Boss more than Keta

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Lorna is stopped dead in her tracks by Rock Slide spam on turn 1, provided you get a flinch on the correct mon. seeing as you get Rock Slide before you even start that sequence, there's no reason not to.


Ryland is an odd case. he may have huge stats. but, if you're at Ryland, you've pretty much got everything you need to win. otherwise you'd have never been able to get to him in the first place, which counts especially for Intense Mode. there are a plethora of ways to beat Ryland, it all comes down to recognizing that pure beatdown won't be the answer usually.  take a while to think, and use the resources you have at your disposal, and you'll find your own way to defeat Ryland. For this reason, Intense Ryland is one of my favorite bosses in any videogame.


Souta is more of a puzzle than a boss fight. you either have an answer to him, or you don't. said answer is usually either Smack Down/Gravity or your own bird spam. Although, a Whimsicott can Solo Souta, try and figure that one out~


Adam. personally, i've found Adam to be one of the most annoying fights in the game, and that's purely because of his field. Inverse Field is very disorienting, but it's not the end of the world.


for me, the hardest fight in the game has to be from one of the job requests in Neo Gearen. the battle with the two deathwings while partnered with Aya. i have no idea why, but that fight usually walls me for far longer than any gym leader.


i agree with the sentiment that AoD is more unfair than hard. in many different monotype runs, she practically requires you to have a Magical Seed so you can have the field set Trick Room for her to abuse her huge speed stat. as an addendum, Gyro Ball does some pretty significant damage to her.


Geara and Zetta is hard, but not for "Melia is Bad" reasons. rather, it is the first fight in the game where you're up against Mega Pokemon, as well as Pokemon with more than 510 EVs total. it's a difficulty spike more than anything else. it can be overcome with clever tactics and/or using the field mechanics to your advantage.


do note, i judge all of these fights by their Intense Mode variants, as that's the only version i've fought these boss's modern iterations in.

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Intense Angie somehow always manage to steamroll me on my every run, at that point of game her lead Mamoswine is super dangerous its has +2 speed and has EQ and Rock Slide  while most of her team is also fast and hits hard cuz of the field it is manageable with rock slide, but her last pkmn is Bulk build Wailren which has leftover and Ice Body + The Aurora veils that ANineTales set before that literally walls me


Ryland is kinda hit or miss for me , his team has an illegal EV spread so its unaturally strong but the field can also be used against him, Dig is especially strong here and it works with half of his team, the one that makes me struggle with this fight is his Claydol, it has a crest that boost Beam atk and Convert Def to SP ATK, if left uncheck it could wreck your team  


Zetta and Geara is where you realize "Ah shit Jan is not playing around", this fight is Hell in V10 mainly cuz of melia is soo bad, Both of their team complement each other so well its almost unfair(Also holy F*ck Geara has a mega gengar) , you could counter them by changing the fields but this fight is always consistently difficult even with buffed melia 

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wowi did't expect this to become so popular


i forgot to mention G/Z but it was defo the hardest battle after lorna

but snow mountain field helps quite a beet

9 hours ago, lilskittle said:

I guess I could go with Florin too.

how could anyone have trouble with florin?
flora is much harder


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Hello! Player who just caught up with the recent version of Rejuvenation in intense mode here.


I couldn't really pick which is the strongest boss battle since I had my fair shares of nightmares and disappointments with intense mode boss battles. However, I'd like to separate my choices in early-game, mid-game, and the beginning of the end-game (where we are at right now).


In early-game, Angie was a NIGHTMARE. Literally had my heart pounding when I managed to defeat her after so many tries. Do note that revival herbs and revives are hard to come by at this point in the game so mistakes are brutally punished (Strategy for here was a bullet punch Pancham and a Fake Out Incineroar to lead, then Lycanroc-Dusk and Midday to deal damage w/ Accelerock).


Zetta and Geara's Carotos fight was also a NIGHTMARE for the early-game. However, I found their fight a fitting end to the early-game. I loved how their battle is orchestrated and how much I had to strategize my team properly. (Sky Field + Levitate is a godsend, Drampa nullifies Arenite Wall from Sand Stream Gigalith). Quite disappointed with the fact that with how intense this fight was, Amber was just... a joke. (Lead off with an Acrobatics Talonflame to deal with Infernape, then transition to Sky Field).


I actually found mid-game to be reasonably difficult. To be fair, this is the part of the game where you finally get revival items to help you.


Code: Angelus and Ryland were a NIGHTMARE at first! But just changing your field to your favor is always the way to go.


And as always, at this point in the game, you'll realize how stupidly broken a rainbow field is.






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Probably the two hardest fights for me, across many playthroughs, have been Zetta + Geara on top of Valor Mt, and Narcissa's gym. 


The former is mainly just because the field complements their teams so well, when so far you've really only had to deal with fields that benefit a monotype gym leader in some way. When you can use one move to change a field and it completely cripples the leader's strategy, and have a reliable type resist on top of that, that tends to end whatever challenge has been designed. Zetta and Geara, however, actually have diverse teams that aren't completely neutered by one field-changing move- they can benefit from basically any field you can imagine fighting on. Fighting a typhlosion on top of a volcano is always a great way to get destroyed, using dig to change it to a cave can easily let shell smash Minior sweep you, using bounce to change to a sky field opens you up to Thunder Clefable and weakness policy dragonite rampaging through your team... there's really no easy way out. 


Narcissa, however- haunted field can only be changed into blessed, and vice versa, and since spectral scream changes blessed into haunted, there's no way to permanently get rid of the threat the field creates. Add to that how the field essentially requires you to fight fire with fire (er, ghost with ghost), and how she won't hesitate to stall you out with will-o-wisp and pain split, and it's basically a crapshoot as to whether or not you'll have what you need in the earlygame to actually get through. 


Angie used to give me a lot of trouble until I realized you can easily neuter her entire strategy by having one mon click lava plume and immediately following it up with a pyukumuku's purify. After that you may be fighting a 4v6, sure, but you can stack enough type advantages against her to power through when there's no field at all. 


Ryland has never really given me trouble- 2/3rds of his team is weak to ground, and dig is boosted by the field, so toss a telluric seed on a moxie krookodile and you're good to go. Maybe it's different in intense mode, though, I've never made it that far in an intense playthrough.

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I found the Adam fight disgusting


But Narcissa's fight is on a whole other level


Ryland would have been a much bigger threat if the claydol wasn't bugged

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