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Stuck At Amentrine Mountain..

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I just beat Blake at Amentrine City and was now supposed to find Terra and confront her, so I went back to Amentrine Mountain to try to get back to Agate Circus. Unfortunately for the past 30 minutes I was in Amentrine Mountain trying to escape back to Agate.... I know there is a cave near the avalugg pulse that leads to Agate but I didn't put a crustle there, so I couldn't have gotten back through that way. I checked the whole place.. and coming back to the beginning was a waterfall( I don't have the badge to use waterfall yet...) and a ice puzzle ( the ice puzzle coming from Amarias House )  that looked and probably was pretty much impossible to get back to from. Either it was impossible or I just really suck. Please Help!

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You should be able to go back the way you came in originally. Was some time ago i played it but iirc either by that crustle jump spot or by surfing/diving your way south where you end up west of Amaria's/Titania's place. I will check and add further info.


Ok, so just checked and if you can get back to th pulse avalug machine, the route you have to take is as follows:

-head south-east across the ice sliding part till you get to the water

-surf and head down till you see a waterfall and a way to surf west; surf west

-follow the waterway till you get to a large round patch of water with stairs to the east; go down those stairs

-cross the ice puzzle (yay; ice puzzles) (right, down, left, up, right, down, right, up, right, down)

-head all the way down across several stairs

-surf down the south-west waterway and you're free

-take the rock jumpy road back to the circus, but don't go there yet and instead head up and fix the crustle in place first so you have the shortcut next time : )

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