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Does Anyone know how to access save files in Pokemon reborn fruit edition

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So I've been as of lately playing pokemon reborn I've recently completed the fourth gym leader shade and now I'm blacksteam factory at the present time and I simply realised  I missed the childcare event to pick up the Ditto. So I chose to go into my pokemon reborn substance for my macintosh and for reasons unknown I don't have game.rxdata in the pokemon reborn contents so now I'm just stuck anybody can help me discover save files in pokemon reborn fruit edition. 

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On Windows they're stored in the Saved Games folder rather than the Pokemon Reborn one, so it might be a similar thing on Mac. Also you can still get the Ditto later, but if you want it immediately then I guess reloading an earlier save is the way to go.

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4 hours ago, Davesupreme said:

the problem is i don't even know how to do that i checked through the content and the only thing i can find is save folder shortcut.link 

You on Catalina? if so I believe you need to unhide the file type with an app

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