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can somehelp help me with this


[pokemon rejuvenation V12.1] Exception:NomethodError Message:Undefined method(weird thing) for nil:NilClass Challenge Pack:665:in ‘ability PokeBattle_AI:1660:in ‘ability PokeBattle_AI:6034:in ‘pbGetMonRole’ PokeBattle_AI:6020:in ‘each PokeBattle_AI:6020:in ‘pbSwitchTo’ PokeBattle_AI:4979:in ‘pbDefaultChooseNewEnemy’ PokeBattle_ActualScene:#3767:in ‘pbSwitchInBetween PokeBattle_Battle:3092:in ‘pbSwitchInBetween’ PokeBattle_Battle:2622:in ‘pbSwitch’ PokeBattle_Battle:2616:in ‘each’ This exception was logged in C:\Users\user\Saved Games\Pokemon Rejuvenation\errorlog.txt.


I am playing a randomizer but hope you guys can help me with this 


Thanks in advance

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