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Just... what??

This entire episode is awesome – every single twist in it. 

A lot of the stuff doesn’t seem to make full sense though...



Lue always being very unpleasant and especially badly threatening Syl (not sure but I vaguely remember him actually going out of his way to be a nuisance). 

A corrupt doctor poisoning Luciano for no apparent reason (we haven’t started meddling yet and afaik the Lafayettes aren’t assassins). 

Lucile who decides to poison her own subordinate out of... wounded pride?


Everything, including “Violet”, being a ploy to get Lucile to kill Syl “nice and fair” in front of many witnesses? (also, what happens if you win that battle?)


And Lue turning that ploy on its head, being Louis Rosewell hiding in plain sight? 


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